Make Apps for Android or iPhone from any Website

Here's a fast way to turn any website into an Android or iPhone App on your home screen

If your favorite website does not have an app for your Android or iOS phone, use this simple trick to make one fast

Make Apps for Android or iPhone from any Website

Many websites don't have apps for Android or iOS phones for several reasons

Building Apps is Costly - If you don't know how to build an app for iOS or Android, this can be quite expensive. Besides the developer fees, hiring an app developer is also costly. So many website owners simply don't bother with an app.

Your App May Not Be Approved or Banned from Apple or Google's App Stores. If an app does not meet their long list of ever changing terms, the Apple or Google can choose to pull your app from their store.

They banned some apps because they did not fit the current political climate. Others are rejected because they contain adult content, or may access illegal television content.

So, after investing a large sum of money to have an app built, there is no guarantee that your app will get approved or even allowed to stay in the app stores for any length of time.

This can also be useful for casting a website you use often to an Android, Apple TV, or Roku media streamer. Open the app on your phone or tablet, then you can play any videos right on your TV using Apple AirPlay or Google's Chromecast.

Fast Simple Way to Turn Any Website into an App on your Android or iOS Phone or Tablet

The good news is you don't need an app to launch your favorite website from your home screen. Both Apple and Android make it super simple to add an app shortcut to any website.

Add a Website App to Android Home Screen:

For this example we'll use the 24/7 Headline News website and turn it into an app in Android.

1. Open “Chrome” or your favorite browser on your Android phone or tablet and navigate to
2. Tap on your Android device find the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner) tap it and then tap "Add to Home Screen.
3. Then you can add a custom name for the app shortcut if you like. The shortcut icon will then be added to the home screen of your Android device.

Now anytime you want to get the latest headlines on your favorite topic, just launch the 24/7 News Headlines app from your Android home screen.

Add a Website as an App to a iOS Phone or Tablet

iOS lets you do the same thing with any website. Using the steps outlined below, you can add any website to your Apple iPhone or iPad tablet even if their app was banned from the Apple App Store.

Make the 24/7 Headline News Website into an app for iOS Safari:

1. Open the “Safari” web browser app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Point Safari to and launch the webpage.
3. At this point you can give the shortcut a custom name or leave the default name. The 24/7 Headline News app will be added to your Apple home screen.

Now, if you tap the shortcut, it will act as any other app and launch the website.

Note: If a website is not mobile friendly, it won't look as good as a site, that is. Older versions of Safari may not include this ability to create an app shortcut. Also, if you don't use Safari, and use Chrome or Brave, use the Android instructions above.

For more help, watch the videos below to show you how easy it is to add any website as an Android or iOS app on your home screen.

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