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Roku Speed Test Channel

There Used to Be a Speed Test Private Roku Channel to Test Your Network Speed Right From Your Roku

While the Speed Test Private Roku Channel is no longer working, there is another even easier way to run a simple Speed Test on your Roku.

Netflix has one built right into their channel settings. But first we should tell you, that some users have reported results that are much slower than their actual Internet speed.

But will give you a quick rough idea though, and it is so easy to do.

Here is how run a Netflix Speed Test from Your Roku:

From within the Roku Netflix channel - "Click Settings" then "Get Help" and finally "Check your network."

Video Buffering

Sometimes resetting your router and your cable modem by removing power for 10 seconds can help you get better performance from your WiFi connection. You can also try moving your Roku closer or raising it up higher by using a Roku Totalmount which can help give you get a stronger WiFi signal.

If your WiFi connection speed is not up to spec, try plugging in an Ethernet cable if your Roku has a connection for one. Chances are you will notice an improved level of performance. Video Buffering is often caused by a slow Wi-Fi connection. Most of the time it can be resolved by moving your Roku closer to your Router.

If you want to do a true speed test of your Internet connection, run a speed test from a computer hooked directly to your Router with an Ethernet cable.

This will give you the most accurate information possible to see if your are getting the true broadband speed you are paying for.

These Are The Best Online Speed Test Websites to Check your Internet Speed Directly from a Web Browser

How Fast Should Your Internet Connection Be to Stream On Roku?

Roku has recommended 3.0 Mbps for streaming content in HD. SD content can be streamed with 1.5 Mbps. But for watching 4K content on Roku you need 15 Mbps.

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