Streaming Services With Most 4K Content in 2020

Streaming Services With the Most 4K Content in 2020

Still debating if you should buy a a new TV or media streamer to watch 4K content?

Streaming Services that Offer the Most 4K Content

These are the streaming services that offer the most 4K content

While there is still not as much 4K content available in 2020 on every streaming platform as we would like. Several streaming TV services have been busy adding a lot of ultra high definition movies and TV shows to their platform.

But before you can take full advantage of watching movies, television series and sports in full 4K resolution. Several things are needed to enjoy the experience.

If you have not yet watched a movie or sporting event in 4K, your eyes are in store for a treat. Because the picture is so much clearer, and it is almost the difference between looking through a spotlessly clean windshield, versus on that needs be washed.

Here is What You Need to Watch 4K TV

  • 4K TV - Without a 4K TV you won't be able to watch any 4K TV content at all. There are many great options available form many manufactures. Some televisions even come with the Roku, Android software already built in. So if your TV already has either the Roku or Android software already onboard, there is no need to buy a separate media player or HDMI cable to watch 4K content.
  • Media Streamer That's 4K Ready - There are several great options here. And our favorites are as follows:

    watch the most 4K content

    1. Roku Ultra Media Player - This model is our favorite and is one of the few Roku models that has an Ethernet port for the best streaming performance. And it gives you access to so many great Public Roku channels and also Private Roku Channels.

    2. 2019 Nvidia SHIELD Pro - This is hands down the best Android boxes available today. And it has been for the last 5 years.

    3. Apple TV 4K - This media player is every bit as powerful as the Nvidia SHIELD. And it offers an easy user interface and supports tons of games and apps for streaming TV content.

  • 4K Compatible HDMI V2.0 Cable - Be sure to use a HDMI cable which supports 18 Gbps maximum bandwidth. This is needed for HDR and UHD content to be transferred from your media player to your television in full 4K HDR Resolution.

  • Home Broadband That Supports 4K Streaming - When you stream 4K content over your Internet connection, it uses a ton of bandwidth. Much more bandwidth than SD and HD streams which use considerably less. And streaming everything in 4K can quickly fill up a 1000GB monthly data cap pretty fast.

    Here is how much data each resolution uses when you binge watch an hour long episode of your favorite TV show.

    - 720p HD Video Resolution uses approximately 0.9GB/Hour
    - 1080p HD uses 1.5GB/Hour
    - 4K UHD uses 7.2GB/Hour

4K Content Offered on Popular Streaming Services From Most to Least

There is definitely much more 4K content available today. And when it comes to offering the most content in 4K only one media streaming service provider stands out.

Netflix - Is the industry leader when it comes to the number of 4K Movies and TV Shows available to watch on their platform.

Amazon Prime - Also some content is available in 4K. But much less 4K is available on their service compared to Netflix.

Disney Plus - The new kid on the block also offers a lot of their movies in 4K. Check out this list of all the movies on the Disney+ platform which are available in 4K

FuboTV - Also offers limited sports and on demand content in 4K.

Hulu - A little late to the 4K party they now offer limited content in 4K.

Apple TV Plus - has several of their TV series and Movies in 4K.

DirecTV - Has several channels on their satellite service which available in full 4K.

YouTube - Offers some content in 4K on their site. Check out a video below on YouTube which was recorded by Drone in full 4K Ultra High Def.

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