Roku Reached Deal to Keep Fox Channels - Game On!

Roku Reached Deal to Keep Fox Channels - Game On!

The Drama is Over Fox Channels Are Back on Their Platform Just In Time for The Super Bowl

Watch Fox sports on Roku

Roku and Fox reached an agreement and all the Fox channels are back on Roku!

"Dear Roku Customer, We are delighted that we reached an agreement to distribute FOX channels on the Roku platform. This Sunday, you can stream the Super Bowl for free through FOX Now and FOX Sports as well as the NFL channel. We hope you enjoy the game! Happy Streaming™ Roku"

This is how the drama unfolded...

Only a few days before the Super Bowl in a letter to customers posted on their community page by a Roku moderator which was also emailed out to customers. And some members in the Roku Rocks Facebook Group have already reported receiving this email, so it appears to be legitimate.

Here is what the letter said. Click on the photo to make it larger.

Fox channels no longer on Roku

Here's What to Do to Continue Watching Fox on Roku

This notification came at an extremely bad time for Roku owners, since many have plans to watch the Super Bowl in just a few days. This was to air free on and their corresponding Roku Channel without a subscription.

Reading the comments on the Roku Community page customers are irate with the short notice given and the close proximity to one of the most watched sporting events of the year. The 2020 Super Bowl which is just days away.

This is pure speculation and it may not be Roku's fault. Rather Fox may be using this big event as a hammer to ask Roku to make concessions on channel advertising fees or some other give me that may not be in Roku's best interest.

We realize for the short term it will upset quite a few people so we would like to offer some other Free solutions for watching the big game and not spoiling your Super Bowl plans.

Easiest Way to Watch Fox Channels on Roku

1. Sign-up for a FuboTV Trial and watch the Super Bowl this weekend. They carry Fox sports and you will be able to watch the game in full 4K if your Roku model or TV supports it.

2. Sling, Hulu, and YouTube Live TV channels all also offer free trials and will air the game this weekend on FoxSports so you can watch it on Roku.

More Difficult Way to Stream Fox on Roku - No Credit Card Required!

This works by manually installing a browser extension in Chrome on a PC or laptop and then casting the game to your Roku from a web browser.

The full instructions on how to do install this are here. Once you have it downloaded and installed the extension, point your web browser to on Sunday at 06:30 PM ET to watch the big game free without any cable TV provider.

Another alternative is to use Web Video Caster. This is currently the #1 mobile browser for casting videos to your Roku. You can download and learn more about this app here.

A Setback is Nothing But a Setup for a Come Back

A little patience with this process will go a long way. Setbacks occur in life, and no matter how disappointing they may seem at the time. Usually there are workarounds that can help take aways some of the sting.

Chances are this will be short lived and it may even be resolved ahead of the Super Bowl. Roku is too large of a platform for Fox to ignore for long.

Today more details have been forthcoming from Roku in this blog post. Fox won't sign an agreement with Roku to host their channels and so Roku has been forced to remove their channels at the end of the day on Jan 31, 2020.

The good news is the NFL channel on Roku will offer the Super Bowl free and unencrypted with no cable provider or subscription required. This is the beauty of the Internet, when one door closes, another always seems to open.

Hopefully Fox comes to their senses and the Fox channels so many Roku customers enjoy will be back on Roku soon.

Fox Private Channels

These are some private channels for FOX on Roku. And there is no guarantee that they will work for long or if Roku will also remove them.

FOX Now:

Fox Sports:

Fox News:

Fox Nation:

Fox Business:

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