Top Three Streaming APKs For Free Movies and TV Shows

Top Three Streaming APKs For Free Movies and TV Shows

Many Free APKs Exist for Watching Movies and TV Shows on Android

Best Streaming APKs for TV Shows and Movies

These Three Top the Charts for Best Streaming APKs So Far

No matter how cheap it has become to watch TV for cord cutters, some will turn to streaming APKs for watching commercial free movies and TV shows without cable.

But with so many APKs to choose from determining which are the best to use on Fire TV or Android media players, can sometimes be a challenge.

We soured the Internet and checked out various polls, forums and chat groups to see which streaming APKs constantly get mentioned time and time again. And we found these APKs that stood out from the rest and were constantly named best of the best.

Are APKs The New Replacement for Kodi?

KODI which used to be the most turned to APK for streaming TV content on Android and Fire TV boxes, no longer is used as much as it once was.

There are several reasons for this, which is covered in more depth here. But one of the main reasons is there are now many APKs that are easier to use and offer a lot of the same content offered by popular Kodi add-ons.

Disclaimer: While some content on these APKs that falls under the Public Domain and is perfectly legal to view. Other content may be in violation of copyright laws in your country. We do not endorse nor host any illegal content or apps on this site. This is for educational information only therefor we will not share the links to these streaming apps. We highly encourage our readers to use these awesome and free ad-supported legal streaming APKs which can be found and added to your Android devices here.

TIP: For the ultimate protection when streaming, only use a reputable VPN to hide your online activities from your Internet Provide. Your ISP now has a legal right in the U.S. to monitor and sell your streaming and browsing logs to 3rd parties. Express VPN is one of the best. Not only are they fast, they have more servers in many countries to unlock and access geo-blocked content. And Express VPN offers award-winning support and keeps no data logs. Learn more

Cinema TV apk

#3 Third Runner Up for Most Popular FREE Streaming App - Cinema APK

The Cinema APK app is full of the latest movies and TV shows. They claim to have no pirated content and show only content from legal online sources, but when you see the TV shows and moves listed in this app it can't help make you wonder about this claim.

Don't Miss These 150+ Legal Sites you Can Stream from a Web Browser

The app itself seems very nicely laid out with easy to navigate menus. You can sort content various ways such as Popular, Vote Count, Vote Average or by genre like Animation, Action and Adventure, Comedy, etc.

Clicking on the magnifying glass lets you do a search by video title or actor.

Cinema APK seems to be a very popular App and it comes up often as one of the most favorite streaming APK surpassing long time favorites such as Kodi and YouTube.

Cyberflix apk

#2 Second Runner Up Most Popular FREE Streaming App - Cyberflix TV

Terrarium TV was one of the single most popular Android streaming APK ever, before it called it quits in late 2018. Cyberflix is another outstanding replacement for this app.

If you are looking for a great streaming APK without the overhead or resources of a full-blown Kodi install, this app is good one to check out.

They have tons of great sources for movies and shows and once you see how easy it is to use, you will soon find using Kodi is hardly worth the trouble.

Tea TV Streaming APKs

#1 Most Popular FREE Streaming App - Tea TV

This is one other popular app many Android users turn to when watching HD movies and shows on their Nvidia SHIELD or Fire TV. It is also loaded to the hilt with a ton of great content which will make your jaw drop.

All the legal streaming companies should put their heads together and come up with a single app that could mimic the usefulness and layout of this APK. Even if it cost $50/month for unlimited streaming, it would be so worth it. And they would probably make a fortune from everyone signing-up.

Tea TV has a nice easy to use interface. And the convenience of finding tons of content without bouncing from one app to another helps continues to make this a very popular Android APK.

There you have some of the most talked about and popular Android TV apps with honorable mentions going out to TVZION and Titanium. The best place to find these streaming APKs is through a Filelinked store.


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