Unofficial Roku Channels | How to Find and Add Them

Unofficial Roku Channels What Are They? And Here Is How to Find Them!

Unofficial Roku Channels Not Listed in The Public Roku Channel Store

Unofficial Roku Channels

There is more to owning a Roku than you may think, and when you see this huge list of unofficial Roku Channels it may surprise you!

Most Roku owners are perfectly content with the choosing and adding channels from the long list of public channels found on their Roku. And most will never know about another huge list of unofficial Roku Channels which exist in secret.

Here is Why Some Roku Channels Remain as Unofficial Channels

These are channels that have not yet made it onto the public Roku Channel store. They exist in private and for whatever reason the developer decided to make them public. There could be several reasons for unpublished Roku Channels
  • The private channel is still in the development or beta testing phase and still needs some work before it is made public.
  • Sometimes these private channels are only meant for a small group of people or employees and not for public access. Often though the code is leaked and this channel becomes more widely known.
  • These channels may also contain adult only content and these channels are not allowed to be added to the public Roku Channel store. But they must remain hidden away as unofficial Roku Channels.
  • Other channels may contain content the developer knows would get flagged and taken down if published as a public channel. So they try to add them unnoticed under the radar, as unpublished hidden Roku Channels.

Warning: Be Careful With Certain Unofficial Roku Channels

Some shady Roku Channel developers may try and sell you a subscription to their private Roku channel. They try and lure you in by offering all the latest Hollywood Movies and TV shows or even live IPTV streams of many cable TV channels.

This type of channel almost certainly contains copyright content that the channel developer is not authorized to sell. Here is how to tell if this channel is not on the up and up.

1. These channels are almost always unofficial or Private Roku channels. And they need a code or special link to install.
2. They often get detected and are removed by Roku because they contain illegal copyright content. The channels stops working. And sometimes but not always a warning may appear when try and open the channel.
3. The channel developer then recreates another code and gives it to you to add the channel again.

If you persist in paying for this type of channel and keep adding it over and over again with different codes, Roku at some point could remove the ability from your Roku player to ever add private channels again.

So be careful when dealing these types of Roku channels or you could risk losing the ability to access private channels on your Roku.

About Geo-Blocked Roku Channels

Some public Roku Channels are content restricted channels. And these can only be viewed in certain geographical areas or countries.

One nice thing about non-published Private Roku channels is they often can be viewed in many more countries. Some channels have both private and public channels and while the public channel is blocked. Sometimes the private channel is not.

Roku owners that live outside the U.S.A are not allowed to access the public channel store inside the U.S. This means you can't access many of the same channels we can in the U.S. Yet private codes will often work in many countries on Roku.

One good way to tell if you are blocked is to visit our A-Z Roku Channels list here on mkvXstream. Then try adding several channels from "Add Channel" Links.

And if the links don't go to a Roku channel page, yet you can add private channels from codes. This is a pretty good indication you have been geo-blocked or are restricted from accessing the Public Roku Channel Store located inside the USA.

Can't Find Newly Added Unofficial Roku Channels in Your Roku Channels List?

When adding private channels, they don't show up in the channels list on Roku right away. Your Roku must first check for updates. And this happens automatically every day, usually in the early morning hours.

To make them show up faster, force your Roku to check for updates manually. Go to "Settings/System/System Update/Check Now." Once done any new channels that you added previously, will be added automatically.

These new added channels can then be found at the end of the channels list.

TIP: If you have many channels installed, scroll up from the home screen and this will quickly take you to the end of the channels list to find newly added channels.

Where to Find Hidden Roku Channels

Private Roku Channels are another good way to find additional content and even watch adult movies on your Roku media player.

Roku is one of the few media streamers that allow a huge library of high quality HD adult movies from "Unofficial Channels."

Here are the best places to find and add hidden private hidden channels to your Roku

- 1900 Private Roku Channel Codes - Is a huge A-Z list of many private channel codes to try out on your Roku media player. A detailed step-by-step pictorial on how to add these channels by code is also listed there. And you will certainly find some hidden nuggets on this list.

- A-Z Roku Channels List - Extensive list of Public and Private Roku Channel codes with descriptions here on mkvXstream.

- Adult Roku Channels List - These are all the 18+ Adult Channels which can be watched on Roku. Some Adult channels even offer full access to all their content for Free for up to 7/days. Warning: These Roku Channels are for Adults Only!

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