HDHomeRun Roku Channel For LIVE OTA TV

Watch Live TV with the HDHomeRun Roku Channel

 NEW HDHomeRun Channel Lets You Watch Live Recorded TV on Roku

HDHomeRun Roku Channel

HDHome Run Network ATSC HD Tuner

If you use an antenna, at some point your thoughts will go towards a DVR and this is where an HDHome Run Roku Channel will Rock. The ability to pause, rewind and fast forward through endless commercials on live Network television is priceless.

The new HDHomeRun Roku Channel just released by SiliconDust will only let you stream and play live TV on Roku. 
Besides Roku, they also have other apps for media streamers like the Nvidia SHIELD with Android using this Android App.

About The HDHomeRun

An HDHomeRun is a small black box that contains an ATSC over-the-air HD Antenna Tuner for pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, and recording Live over-the-air TV signals. It has an Ethernet port that plugs directly into a Router that is connected to the broadband modem. Also, with an Ethernet wire.

The box also requires software on a PC or an App that works to tune in and record, fast forward, rewind, and playback live TV shows which can be tuned in from an antenna.

Unless you subscribe to their guide service, there is no monthly fee for this kind of DVR and this can save you some money versus subscribing to a DVR with a monthly fee from cable, satellite, or various other Live Streaming DVR TV services.

Add The HDHomeRun Roku Channel

This newly released HDHomeRun Channel is a welcome addition to the Roku media streaming platform. Newer Roku models and Roku TVs all work great with their line of over-the-air (OTA) TV Network tuners.

Add the HDHomeRun Roku Channel

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HDHomeRun Models

Which HDHome Run Model Should You Buy?

SiliconDust has built several HDHomeRun models over the years. And if you only plan on using an HDHomeRun with an antenna to record Free TV the Connect Duo or Connect Quatro are their latest model specifically built for this application.

The HDHomeRun Duo comes with two antenna inputs and tuners and the Quatro comes with four tuners.

We like and recommend the HDHomeRun Duo unless you plan on recording a lot of shows at a time. The Duo will save some money and won't require your antenna signal to be split too many times.

And this is a good thing because each time you split an antenna connection, it weakens the Antenna signal a little bit more.

In The Future

We are hoping to see further development on this HDHomeRun Roku Channel to make it align with their apps that work on other media streaming devices. At a minimum, pausing and fast-forwarding live TV would be a great start so it can compete with Tablo on Roku. Although if you enjoy watching uncompressed 1080 HD Recorded videos, there really is no competition as the Tablo still can't match the HDHomeRun there.

Then add the DVR function to record onto a network shared drive and we would have a really great DVR solution for Roku with no monthly fee.

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