The USB Port on Roku TV Can Pause or Rewind OTA Live TV

The USB Port on Roku TV Can Pause or Rewind OTA Live TV

Here's How to Use the USB Port On a Roku TV

If your Roku TV comes with a USB Port, it offers some nice additional features you may have never used. It can be used to pause live TV, rewind, or fast forward through commercials if you watch broadcast TV from an antenna.

The USB port on a Roku media player or Roku TV is also capable of doing so much more

Turn your Roku TV Into a Semi-DVR

Plug a USB Stick into a Roku TV and you can then cache live TV shows from your antenna. This then lets you pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV. This requires a minimum 16GB USB Stick, which will pause a show for up to 90 minutes. Unfortunately, Roku has not yet provided a way to record shows. For full DVR recording from an OTA antenna, we recommend an HDHomeRun which works great with Roku.

According to Roku most USB sticks work fine, but if it's too slow your Roku TV will put a message up on the screen to let you know.

Best USB Stick for Roku TV

A nice USB Stick that's low profile and at 300 MBps that's faster than most others is a Samsung Fit Plus. Samsungs' USB stick comes in sizes from 32GB to 256 GB. And if you only plan on using it to pause and fast-forward live TV, then you can easily get by with the smallest model.

Use the Roku TV USB Port To Transfer Files from a PC and Watch on Roku

Roku USB Media Players

Roku does not support Web Browsers like Android and Fire TV. But you can still download photos, music, movies, and shows and watch them on your Roku. This not only works with Roku televisions, but it also works on any Roku model that contains a USB port.

To play your files, simply download them from the PC onto your USB Stick and then plug it into your TV. You'll need to install either the Roku Media Player or PlayUSB channel to play your files. These are available in Roku's Channel Store.

Restore a Bricked Roku TV

Recovery mode is something you need to use when a software update fails and bricks your TV. Brick is a geek term that means a software-driven device usually during a firmware update has something go wrong leaving the device completely unresponsive. Thus turning it into a brick.

Roku offers full instructions on how to recover from a bricked TV which will walk you through step-by-step on how to recover and get your TV working again using the USB port. 

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