VLC Stream Tester

VLC Stream Tester

Test M3U Playlists Instantly To See If They Work

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This site does not seem to be "Officially Affiliated" with VLC although it does require the VLC app installed to function.

Save Time With VLC Stream Tester

One of the biggest problems with free m3u files when building playlists is to verify first that they work, and VLC Stream Tester can help. By quickly checking those free m3u URLs that are often found online. Just copy and paste these links into the VLC Stream Tester Website and see if they still work.

This can save you from the aggravating task of typing them one letter at a time from a media streamer remote control and using the cumbersome onscreen keyboard.

One Very Cool Benefit To Using This Site

Not only does this site test your M3U playlists to verify they work. And this can be really important when building your own. It also keeps a running tab on the right side of the page of recently tested playlists.

Browse through this list and you may find some pretty cool playlists others have tested on their site. Not all may work but run them through the tester app and every once in a while you could find some good ones that will.

If you don't want to share you playlist with the public, we don't recommend using the VLC Stream Tester website for this reason. Instead, just download the VLC app on your Phone, PC or Tablet. And then use this app to test your own secret playlists discreetly instead. Also, join this group on MeWe to find some cool playlists that are working and have already been tested.

Download VLC Media Player

Instructions to Test a Playlist in the VLC App Are in The Video

The VLC App is required to be on your PC to work with the VLC Stream Tester site. And only Internet Explorer and Firefox support the NPAPI plugins required to work with this page. The Chrome browser no longer does.

How to Find Free Playlists or build your own...

Test or Play Streams Without Downloading VLC - Works on All Browsers

Here you can test or play many m3u or other file types online. Choose from m3u8, HLS, Mp4, mp3 and play them Right on this Web page FREE! And there's no download required.

Test your m3u links before you build your playlist, or just watch a good live stream right from your PC or mobile devices in a Web browser. We'll even show you a cool Google hack to find tons of m3u, mp4 and mp3 files online.

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