Starry Now Offers 200Mbps Internet for $50

Starry Internet has Launched and is Now Offering 200Mbps Internet for $50 with No DATA Caps

Big cable's stranglehold on the broadband market may soon be over!

It's been over a year since we heard any news from Starry, a new startup broadband company that promised something most of us can only dream of. Faster Internet broadband at an affordable price.

Starry Internet a modern day Robin Hood wireless broadband company, that will take money out of the pockets of wealthy broadband monopolies and put it right back into the pockets of average schmoes has launched.

Lucky are the users who live in the Charlestown, Somerville and Cambridge areas of Boston and a handful of other neighborhoods, along with more neighborhood to be online in the following few weeks.

Starry is still beta testing their broadband service and once the kinks get ironed out and depending on the demand, we may really see this wireless broadband service start taking off in a major way in more areas soon.

Starry Internet Cost

With most of us paying somewhere between $60 to $75/month for cable Internet with speeds of 60Mbps. Imagine how great it would be to pay $50/month for 200Mbps without Data caps? BroadbandNow is reporting there are now 195 Internet providers inside the U.S.A. that have Data Caps.

This goes to show you just how much profit there is in broadband. Greedy telcom and cable companies are inflating the price as much as they can to make up for the shortfall of TV subscribers who have been leaving in mass.

We wish Starry a lot of luck and hope their beta test goes well. If their new service rocks and as more markets, become available, this will put greater pressure on the larger broadband companies to finally compete on their prices and hopefully, it will help bring the cost of Internet down for everyone.

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