Hulu Problems

Hulu Streaming Network Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hulu has come under sharp criticism lately from customers experiencing some pretty ugly problems with their Hulu streaming TV service using apps on Amazon Fire Devices.

All kinds of complaints have been pouring in on Down Detector, a website that monitors uptime of various services.

Most popular streaming sites and Internet providers are listed here so you can check your provider to see if they are experiencing any problems or are down right now.

Many users are complaining of Hulu not loading or they can't find the next episode of a show they are watching. There have been several complaints in Roku Rocks also of erratic Hulu behavior with their channel on Roku players.

Other Hulu Not Working Issues Logged

- About every 5 seconds, it pauses the show and attempts to reload.
- In the middle of a series it stops and buffers!
- A "Network error has occurred" message is continually popping up on the screen.
- Commercial video and audio out of sync, show returns, video at double-speed, audio normal.
- Shows randomly stops and returns to Hulu home page.
- When starting a show, it starts at 85% (toward the end)

This is a Hulu related problem because other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and the internet are all working fine.

Hulu Customer Service has confirmed the problem is with the latest update to their Hulu App on Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV devices. Their suggested work around is to cast Hulu to your TV using other devices, such as from an iPad or iPhone or from an Android tablet or phone which should work as well.

It's no fun when a service you pay for is unusable, hopefully Hulu will get an update out soon to solve this problem. In the meantime, it may be a good time to sign up for a free trial for another Streaming TV service like Netflix, CBS All Access or 30-day Free Trial to Amazon Video.

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