Newswire and MusicMan Now on m3u

Newswire and MusicMan Now on m3u

Many changes are happening in the Roku world. Newswire and MusicMan developer shuts down these channels and moves to free m3u streams.

The streams have all been combined and you can get the latest playlist link and info from here:

If you loved the private Newswire and MusicMan Roku channels that had links to various Internet streams to popular News channels, you may be sorry to find these non-certified Roku channels are no longer available.

Private Roku Channel Code no longer works. Follow instructions below to use Newswire

In light of Roku clamping down on Private channels, the developer removed these channels in favor of m3u streams that can be watched from any device Android, Roku or a computer using a free m3u player.

These channels still have the same content but now first require you first install an m3u player Roku channel to watch them.

There are now two options for watching m3u streams and playlists on Roku.

Learn More About m3u Playlists Here

1. - Original m3u Playlist Player for Roku

is a public channel that can be found in the Roku Public Channel store or it can be added from this page. The developer has of this channel recently added the USB feature which can now let you add m3u urls from a USB flash memory card.

This channel does have a few ads which the developer has been working on to get reduced.

Add m3u Playlist Player

2. - Private No Ads m3u Player for Roku

If the ads drive you nutz, have a look at this new private m3u Roku channel. It offers the same ability to add your playlists and play them without ads.

To learn more about this m3u channel and how to add both the Newswire and MusicMan m3u channels back to your Roku click here.

Ad Free m3u Player

3. - Android Perfect Player (m3u IPTV Player)

This is one of the best m3u players on Android. It gives you access to all your favorite m3u playlists and shows channel icons and short cuts to switch between lists. You can add it to your Android Devices here.

Add Perfect Player

3. - VLC and Lazy IPTV Player (Windows PC or Mac OS X)

Yes, your PC is still fully capable playing m3u playlists Roku or Android Box can. Use can either use the Lazy IPTV player to to play your favorite m3u playlists and also your favorite Android APKs using the Bluestacks emulator from your computer or HTPC.

You can also simply download VLC, one of the best free media players ever made for a computer.

As long as there are m3u players available, then m3u streams like these can be watched from pretty much any device.

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