Roku Subscribers Explode

Roku Now Has 15 Million Users

One of the best things that ever happened to the cord cutting community was Roku and Netflix

When the two joined forces early on we had a great alternative to higher and higher cable TV prices.

Roku has steadily been gaining customers every year and this seems to be accelerating. The latest numbers are staggering and what it represents is even more so.

Roku just announced they grew 43% from a year ago in June. They now have 15 million monthly active user accounts. In June of 2016, they had 13.4 million active accounts.

Users on the Roku platform streamed over 7 billion hours in the first half of this year. This number was 61% higher than last year. Roku is the Number One Streaming Media Platform inside the USA.

Roku claims it's because they have an increased number of devices at different price ranges. But there is much more to their success story.

There are almost 1800 Roku Private Channels in this List

Roku is a fairly open system. They don't fully lock down or control every aspect of what can be shown on their platform. This gives their users a wider range of content to view. Both in the form of Public channels which can be found within their Roku device, or on their awesome Online channel store.

They also allow channel developers to freely create and share private channels, these can't be found in the channel store and can contain content from Churches sharing their content to channels that are forbidden in the Roku channel store which are full of XXX Adult Movies. Some Roku private channels even contain free TV shows and movies which the content owner may not have obtained the usage rights for.

Private channels have even caused some concern lately when Roku streamers were Banned in Mexico, for wide use of private channels. Although it was their largest cable company that pushed for this ban so you can tell even they felt threatened by the popularity of Roku media streamers.

Roku is pretty much the only media streaming platform around that has had the courage to offer Developer accounts are free. Using nothing more than a low cost web host and following simple instruction plus a bit of technical knowhow you can build your own Roku channel.

You Can Find Roku on the Shelves in Any Walmart

Another reason Roku has grown in leaps and bounds is because they had the vision to get their platform integrated into various Smart TVs. Consumers may not specifically be looking for a Roku media streamer, but many new Television buyers know they want a "Smart TV".

By cleverly slipping in their Roku media streamer directly into some popular Smart TV models often sold at Walmart and other big department stores, this has helped put their product before millions more potential users.

Not stopping there, Roku offers their media streamer in a wide range of prices. From the inexpensive Roku Express, to their top of the line Roku Ultra this makes owning a Roku easy to afford for almost every budget.

Roku's Simple Easy To Use Interface

No one can argue that Roku has one of the best and easiest to use interface. Navigating channels and videos on Roku is so simple that anyone from 8 to 80 can pick it up almost instantly.

Android TV boxes are worthy competitors, but there is a learning curve to most of these except for a few like the Nvidia Shield which have a nice lean back launcher. But overall Roku is still leaps and bound ahead as far as being simple to use.

Riding Wave of Declining Cable TV Subscribers

Roku has been at the forefront of the cord cutting revolution, undoubtedly they now are benefiting by the millions of cord cutters that continue dumping their cable TV subscriptions.

Owning a Roku is free, there are no monthly subscription fees for each box. You only pay for any channels that you choose to subscribe to. A large number of channels on Roku are also free. This often adds up to large monthly savings compared to a typical cable or satellite subscription for most Roku users.

Roku Can Replace Additional Pay TV Boxes

If you subscribe to cable TV or satellite, each box you own will cost you up to $10 or more a month. With Roku you have access to the widest range of cable provider authorized channels that can eliminate all but one box. This alone can save you a bundle of extra monthly fees and pay for your Roku in a very short time.

See the full list of Cable TV Channels on Roku

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