Link and Activate Your Roku and Activate Your Roku to Watch Some Great TV

Linking a Roku to your account needs to be done before you can start enjoying your new Roku media streamer is when you enter the code shown on your TV screen

how to and activate your Roku

Here are the Steps to Setup Your New Roku

Step 1. Your Roku will want to connect to your Wireless or Ethernet Network if your Roku supports Ethernet. 

Ethernet offers the most stable and trouble free streaming. If you already have access to an Ethernet cable nearby and it is being used. Just plug it into an Ethernet Switch to give you extra ports.

Step 2. Choose your "Language".

Step 3. Before we go to the next steps, you will want to visit Roku and setup a new account. If you already have an account and want to link your new Roku, just use the same login and password.

About Multiple Roku Accounts - There may be times when you want to setup more than one Roku account. Especially if you have kids, you don't want them accessing your Adult Roku channels. The safest thing to do is setup one account for the family and one for adults. Otherwise, any channels you add to one device will be available on all devices that use the same Roku account.

Create a Roku Account

Step 4. Now that we have created a Roku account, let's go back to your TV screen and enter the code shown at the page. This will link your particular Roku to your Roku account we just made in the previous step.

Step 5. Once your code has been accepted you will see the “Log In” Or “Sign Up” message appear on your TV screen.

Step 6. Choose  “Log In” And Enter Your Username And Password from your Roku account.

If you followed these steps you should already have a Roku account. Just in case you missed a step you can still make one now. Just choose the “Sign Up” options and you can Create your account and then enter the activation code into the Roku.Com/Link web page.

Now you can start adding many great channels to your Roku to watch some great movies and TV shows.

See our Full Private and Public Channels List

Common Problems  Linking Your Roku

 - Linking Code Does Not Show Up on the Screen

Sometimes a link code does not appear. It could be the Roku you purchased was already linked to another user's account. If this happens go into Settings/System and do a full Roku reset. You will be warned that all settings will be erased. 

Once it starts follow the steps outlined above to activate and link your Roku.

 - I added the Linking Code and Nothing Happens

It could be that Roku's website is down and it may just take a bit. Wait for a little while and see if it went through. Otherwise, try linking your device several hours later.

If it still does not activate, try restarting your Roku. Hopefully this did the trick and you should see the Roku home screen with some channels. 

If not, visit the Roku home screen contact Roku Support though their website and they will direct you to the right area for your exact Roku model.

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