Cordcutters Shopping Guide

Cordcutters Shopping Guide

Give someone the gift of Free TV

Perfect Gifts for Cordcutters that Keep Giving Year after Year

Give someone the ultimate gift this Holiday by introducing them to Streaming TV, these are all gifts that are sure to bring a smile and will keep on giving joy for a long time to come.

LED Bias Lighting

Over the Air Antenna

What better way to watch 100% FREE Network Televisions shows than a nice antenna that grabs TV signals right from the airwaves. Many people have been brainwashed into believing the only way they can watch TV is by subscribing to an expensive cable TV or satellite package. As cordcutters already know, this is simply not true. An over the air antenna can provide you with up to 40+ over the air channels in stunning 1080 HD with no subscription needed.

To help you choose the best antenna, just visit our Antenna Guide add a Zip code and choose the best size antenna for that location. Click here to win an Eclipse Amplified Indoor TV Antenna!

A Shiny New Roku

This is probably one of the best gifts any future cord cutter would be extremely happy to receive. Roku has media streamers as low as $30 for their Express entry model, up to $130 for their top of the line 4K Ultra model. Roku is an amazing media streamer because it works with almost every streaming TV service out there. From Amazon, Netflix and everything in between you will never run out of great stuff to watch on Roku. If you ever feel you need more, have a look at this huge list of Roku Private channels.

These are all the Latest Roku models, choose one or two for the shopping list.

Tablo Or Other DVR

One thing many new cordcutters miss once they decide to dump satellite or cable TV in favor of streaming is their DVR. While jumping past commercials is not as big a deal if you binge watch a lot of your content from Netflix because they don't have any commercials. When watching live TV over an antenna, a DVR is still nice to have. There are some very nice HD DVRs available, be sure to see Best DVRs for Recording OTA TV.

One nice DVR you may enjoy is a TabloTV. Tablo comes with either 2 or 4 tuners, so you can record multiple shows at once and then stream them to any device on your network. It comes with a nice TiVo style guide that at $5/month is much cheaper than TiVo. They also have a lifetime guide option as well. You can also use a Tablo in manual mode without paying for their guide.

QNAP or Synology NAS

If you are shopping for someone that has a large collection of digital photos, music or movies there is no better gift than a NAS. Network Attached Storage is a handy place to back up all your digital data should your computer get hacked or quit working. It can store many Gigs of data and often has redundancy built in with multiple hard drives so if one drive fails you can just pop in another and your NAS won't miss a beat.

Synology and Qnap makes some of the best and most reliable NAS boxes in the industry, many models offer on the fly transcoding and apps to work with Plex making another computer or media server to run Plex unneeded. Storing your movies on a NAS not only will ensure they are always backed up, they will also be able to be automatically transcoded to play on a wide range of devices.

To learn more about today's best NAS boxes, see QNAP vs Synology - Best NAS for 2017

Netflix Hulu or Streaming TV Gift Subscription

While there are some great Free streaming TV channels like XTV on Roku, they are not always 100% reliable. For the best streaming experience, subscribing to a streaming TV channel like Netflix, Hulu or even the newer Cable TV Live streaming services such as DirecTV Now, or Sling TV may be desirable.

Right now DirecTV Now is even offering a free Apple TV or Fire TV Stick. Click here for details.

An annual subscription to Netflix, Hulu or even an Adult Roku Channel is a great gift idea for that special someone that is hard to shop for.

Universal Remote

This is a great gift for any cordcutter. Nothing worse than having to fumble through multiple remotes to watch TV. Plus some Universal remotes like our new favorite the affordable Inteset 4 in 1 Universal IR Remote comes with handy backlit buttons. This is a nice feature and something we use all the time as we typically like to watch TV in a dark room with no backlighting. Another great alternative is the URC R50 Digital Universal Remote Control which has been discontinued but is still available from many sellers on Amazon.

LED Bias Lighting for TV Screen

Bias Lighting has recently become popular as it reduces eyestrain and adds a nice glow to your room giving your TV a nicer home theater look. Installing Bias Lighting is easy and only takes a few minutes. The perfect and affordable gift for that special cordcutter in your life. Learn more here...

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