Get Hulu Free for 2-Months on Roku

Get Hulu Free for 2-Months on Roku

If you missed the free 45 day Hulu trial on Groupon, you can get an even better deal now if you own a Roku!

Want to try out everything Hulu Streaming has to offer? Now is your chance to try it free for 60 days without paying a cent.

Free Hulu

This was shared in the awesome Roku Rocks Facebook Group and is a Great Deal!

Hulu has been getting a lot more content lately that used to be on Netflix. Netflix has been relying less and less on the major studios and instead has been filling their library with their own Netflix Original Content.

If you have never been a Hulu subscriber and you add the Hulu Roku channel, the first time you open it on your Roku you will be greeted by a message offering a FREE 60-day trial to try Hulu.

Depending on which plan you choose when you sign up, after the 2-months are over you will be charged $7.99 a month for the plan that has limited commercials, or $11.99 a month for the plan that has no commercials*.

*Be sure to read the fine print because no commercials do not always mean no commercials. That's right, a few shows are exempt from the no commercials plan even though you are paying more. They do disclose this up front in the tiny print, but it is easy to miss.

Shows that are exempt from the commercial free plan are:

Grey's Anatomy
Once Upon A Time
Marvels Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.
New Grit
How to Get Away With Murder

This is nothing Hulu has done on purpose, rather it has to do with streaming rights and agreements signed with content providers in order for Hulu to carry their shows.

Why Can't I See The Free 60 Day Hulu Trial When I Open the Channel on Mu?

If you already subscribed to Hulu on your Roku you won't be able to access this offer.

One way you may be able to get it is by creating  a new Roku user account with a different email address. Unfortunately, this will require resetting your Roku and adding all new channels.

FREE Hulu OFFER Limited

Like other previous offers, this Hulu deal may only be available for a limited time. The good news is when this goes away,  they most likely will have more special offers and promos in the future.

Add the Hulu Roku Channel

You can add Hulu to your Roku by clicking the channel icon or link below.

Hulu Roku Channel

Will Hulu Free Trial Work On Other Media Streamers?

Once you activate your free Hulu trial on your Roku, you should then be able to log in on your Android TV Boxes or other media streamers, computer or mobile devices and use it there as well.

Hulu does limit how many devices can access their servers at once. So while you will be able to use Hulu on multiple devices, they can limit you to only one device at a time.

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