Inteset 4 in 1 Universal IR Remote Review

Inteset 4 in 1 Universal IR Remote Review

(Model No: INT-422)
By crassh76

Finally, an affordable Universal Remote for streamers!

Preprogrammed for Apple Tv (see pairing in the forum), Roku (except sticks), Media Center, and Xbox One!

They also have a code for the Nvidia Shield in their database!
IR Universal Remotes for Apple TV - Xbox One - Roku - Windows Media Center
Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for use with Nvidia Shield® Android TV, Apple TV®, Xbox One®, Roku® & Media Center®
The buttons you would be using for each remote that are pre-programmed:
IR Universal Remote
IR Universal Remotes for Apple TV - Xbox One - Roku - Windows Media Center

Remotes for Apple TV - Xbox One - Roku - Windows Media Center
Remotes for Apple TV - Xbox One - Roku
What it comes with:

The remote, directions, and batteries.
To cut down on cost (speculating), this remote doesn’t even come in a box or that hard plastic that you have to struggle to get open (Thank you).
The remote comes in a plastic bag sleeve with the batteries neatly in a compartment below it.
I like this concept. It was easy to get into and all that pretty packaging all the big boys use goes in the garbage or recycle bin anyway.

Price Point:

Can you believe this Universal 4 in 1 IR Remote for Streamers is ONLY $25.95 with FREE shipping!?!?
You’d pay MORE to replace just 1 of your device remotes!

Key Features:

Pre-programmed for Apple TV (See Pairing in our user Forum), XBox One, Media Center and Roku device codes which are easily changed. Full LED Backlighting-All buttons.

Volume Lock-
The user can lock the volume in all modes; Channel Lock-The user can lock access to the channel changing capability in one mode such as the cable box; ID Lock- After a valid code has been set that code can be locked.

Macro Programming
This allows the programming of a string of commands (up to 15) within a mode or mode independent.

Device Code Database-
Complete worldwide database of device codes; Library Search Capability-You can search the database for any missing codes; Learning Capability-Used to program any device that is not in the database.

Button Labels-
These self-adhesive labels, as pictured, can be cut out and applied under each of the buttons that you program for your device functions; Key Punch Through-Allows the user to configure the same key function in one mode into any or all other modes; Warranty: One Year Replacement for Defects.

I have been using this remote for a few weeks now. It is truly awesome not having to fish through remotes on my end table. It is very simple to set up and use. It probably took me 10 minutes to do everything, and that is just because I did a few extras. I have my television, Nvidia Shield, Cable Box, Roku, AND sound bar programmed to it.
You may have counted 5 devices there and are thinking to yourself “I thought this was a 4 device remote”.  It is a 4 device remote but the beauty of it is, it’s a learning IR remote! All I had to do is put in a code, put my sound bar remote in front of the Inteset remote, and hit the buttons on each remote that I wanted it to learn. I am able to use my sound bar while using any device on the remote and I don’t have to switch between  devices! I did the same thing with the volume up and down for my television.
For the Nvidia Shield, I used the code from their website to program it. Real simple. Works just like the Shield $50 remote they sell EXCEPT it doesn’t have voice control or private listening. If you can live without those, save the extra $25 and get this.
The tv and cable box were super simple as well. I looked up the codes on their website and punched them in. Boom, done.
I can’t vouch for the Apple Tv, Windows Media Center, or Xbox One (My son wouldn’t let me play with it). I am assuming they are just as easy because they were pre-programmed.
The full LED Backlighting on all the buttons has really come in handy, especially while learning the remote in the dark while watching a movie.
Only downsides I see with this remote (and it was difficult to find them) is that they aren’t compatible with the Roku sticks or Amazon Fire Tv devices. It will technically work on an Amazon Fire Tv Box with an FLIRC FL-09028 USB Universal Remote Control Receiver. Many users buy this separately to use this remote on their Amazon FT, PS etc. Their combo price that will be available this fall will be cheaper and save you few extra bucks.

This is a great budget remote. If you are expecting the same performance as a $200 Harmony touch-screen universal learning remote, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for a great learning remote that does what it is supposed to do UNDER $30 including shipping, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

For more information, or to purchase this great universal remote: 

Please visit their website at: or, purchase the Inteset Remote on Amazon

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