Watch for Malicious Code in Kodi Addons

Watch for Malicious Code in Kodi Addons

TvAddons posted a warning message recently for Kodi developers

"Note to Developers: Don’t Use Malicious Code in Kodi Addons!"

The Kodi addon world seems to be going through some turmoil lately. Apparently some developers of Kodi addons have been disabling other developer addons while their repo is installing.

Here is what had to say about this:

"We want to make our position clear on the matter: we are strongly opposed to any modification made by addons outside their own installation path, their own profile path, or Kodi database path without the end user’s explicit permission to do so prior to any instance of such a modification occuring. We will not under any circumstances permit an addon developer to take it upon him or herself to remove another developer’s addon.

It is imperative that any addon containing any code that falls outside the rules outlined above remove such code immediately. Failure to comply with these community standards within 24 hours will result in complete excommunication from our community, and removal from comunity distribution tools such as the Fusion Installer and Addon Installer. It should be noted that such leeway will not be afforded to addons in the future, any addon that is found to contain such malicious code will be instantly banned."

It's good to see that tvaddons is taking this stand. This along with the recent news that Kodi developers themselves have announced that they are going after makers of malicious addons or those profiting from the Kodi trademark along with those sellers who promote boxes pre-loaded with addons could risk facing a lawsuit.

Kodi addons have also been known to collect user data and show advertising for profit or cause other mischief on your Kodi hosted device.

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If you are concerned about using addons, you may want to think about using an old PC for the sole purpose of running Kodi. Or, get one of these low cost Android TV boxes which also give you the option of running some very good Android TV Apps.

Many Kodi users have found that Android apps offer much of the same content without the associated tweaking and drama addons on Kodi often require.

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