How to Watch the 2016 Olympics on Roku

How to Watch the 2016 Olympics on Roku

It's that time again, for a welcome break from all the election drama, watch the 2016 Olympics on your Roku

Here are some great ways to stream the games right from your Roku

watch 2016 olympics

Number One - Get an Over the Air TV Antenna

If you can get a signal where you live and pull in the NBC channel, you will have found one of the best ways currently to watch the Olympics for free in crystal clear 108p HD. Check this guide to see which channels you can receive from your location with a simple over the air TV antenna.

You can even record live shows and watch them later with a computer and an HDHomeRun. You can learn more about this handy over the air network TV tuner by clicking here.


Watch the Olympics on the NBC Sports Live Extra Roku Channel

NBC Sports Live Extra streams all live sports content televised by NBC, NBCSN and Golf Channel, including the Summer and Winter Olympics.

To watch the events live you would need to log in with your TV provider account information.
NOTE: NBC’s local network feeds are only available to Sling TV and Playstation Vue in limited markets.

To add this channel to your Roku plus more free cable channels to watch on your Roku as well... click here

BBC One, *BBC 4 and NBC on the Free Roku XTV channel also have Olympic Games Coverage. Click here to add the XTV Private Roku Channel

If you are in the USA, the BBC One channel is geo-blocked unless you use a VPN and set your IP address to one in Canada or the UK. FilmOn on Roku also have carries the same BBC channels.
*Try BBC 4 it has not been blocked and you can watch live Olympic coverage.

Get the USTVNow Channel and Sign Up for a 45 Day Free Trial

This Roku channel will give you all the major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS for Free! Sign up for the free trial and you will be able to watch the 2016 Olympics live on USTVNow.

USTVNow broadcasts live Network TV channels from the Eastern Time Zone. This means if you live on the West coast, the shows will air 3 hours earlier. If you sign up for their premium plan, it includes an online DVR plus you get many extra additional cable channels included. You can sign up for as long as you like and also cancel anytime.

For full instructions on how to sign up and add the USTVNow Roku channel... Click Here

2016 Olympics Latest News and Medal Count

Updated in real time as it happens. Click titles to read more... Medal Count

Here is the Free Official NBC Olympics App for Android

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