GoodBye Free Hulu - Hello Yahoo FREE TV

GoodBye Free Hulu - Hello Yahoo & Hulu FREE TV

Hulu will no longer offer free TV accounts on their site, only to start offering Free TV Shows on Yahoo View

This may remind some of you of the old Beetles song "I say Hello - I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello."

Hulu has decided to call it quits on offering their free account. Now they will join Netflix, and Amazon and only offer paid streaming accounts. But in a strange twist of events at the same time, they will continue offering recent episodes of popular shows through the new Yahoo View Streaming TV site.

Yahoo View's tagline even says: "Your Favorite TV Shows. For Free Featuring Hulu.

In some ways, this will make things less confusing. If you are a paying Hulu subscriber, all the content on their site will be able to be watched for free either with or without commercials depending on which plan you choose. This is the same as Netflix although Amazon Video still mixes their free TV Shows and movies together with their paid content which some find a little annoying and confusing. Neither Amazon or Netflix have commercials.

Yahoo View Ad-Supported Free TV

Like the lower-priced Hulu subscription plan, Yahoo View will be supported by ads. This may still be a great deal for cord cutters on a budget that can't receive much of the same content by an antenna. The Yahoo View site will only air five of the most recent episodes of shows mostly seen on ABC, NBC, and Fox. They will be available 8 days after they originally aired. Additionally Yahoo View will also feature some other series and video clips as well.

As the Hulu free site goes away, just migrate over to the Yahoo View TV streaming site and you will be able to say hello and stream for free.

Get the Yahoo Roku Channel

Yahoo also has a Roku channel which you can add to your Roku below.

Add Yahoo Roku Channel

Will this be available as a Roku app, or would I need to stream & cast it to view on my TV?

As of now, you will need to cast Yahoo Live. Not sure if Hulu plans on allowing their content to be used on Roku. The free Hulu plan was not allowed to be watched on Roku. An HTPC is also another great option for watching web based content on your TV.

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