How to Cut The Cable and Cut The Cable Cord

How to cut the Cable and Cut the Cable Cord

What you need to know to put extra money in your pocket

Paying for expensive monthly cable bills month after month get's old fast. Especially after they raise the prices once your introductory offer is over. If that's not bad enough, endless commercials keep adding insult to injury.

If you are still hooked to the cable cord and would like to learn how to cut the cable, then this may be just what the Doctor ordered.

We will show you how easy it is to greatly reduce your monthly TV bill and have a lot of extra money left over to spend on yourself.

Cut Your Cable - Don't Really Cut The Cable Cord

As great as it sounds, we don't really want you to take a pair of snips to your cable cord. Since you probably have cable running to every TV in your house, use these same wires to hook up an antenna. 

An attic or outdoor antenna hooked to your main input feed where the cable comes in from the street, will give you free HD to every TV in your house. 

No cable box or convertor is needed. Most HD televisions have a digital ATSC tuner built in that will be able to receive a handful local channels including major networks for free.

Antennas Offer Better Picture Quality Than Cable

Once you hook up your TV to an HD antenna your eyes will be in for a treat. This is because an antenna will give you a much higher resolution 1080p picture than you would typically get from your cable TV provider. 

Cable providers squeeze many channels into a limited segment of bandwidth. They actually need to decrease the resolution in order to get them all to fit.

Distance from the local towers is your biggest factor when shopping for an antenna. If you live in a large city and don't have any obstructions like tall buildings, trees or hills. Try a smaller antenna hooked directly to your TV.

If you find you do not receive any channels with a small antenna, sometimes placing a larger antenna in your attic is all that you will need.

A last resort an antenna placed as high as possible usually on a roof will give you the best reception. This requires proper grounding to protect your home and equipment from lightning strikes.

The Antennapoint website will show you which channels are available in your area and the correct antenna antenna size needed depending on where you live.

For great prices on Antennas and a 30 day money back guarantee in case you need to try something else, check out the Amazon HD Antenna Page.

Buying a Media Streamer - Decisions... Decisions...

Buying a media streamer is the next order of business and is required before you can really be free from the monthly cable bill.

This is where it get's a little more tricky and we need to ask you three questions before we can recommend which streamer you should buy.


Add up all the points next to your answers and if your total score is 4 points or less, we highly recommend a Roku 3 as the best media streamer for you. Roku offers an easy to use interface with over 1500 Public and "Private" channels. Private channels are channels that are not listed in the Roku channel store. 

Most Roku channels are available to add instantly from our A-Z Roku Channels List, and the majority are free. 

While paid streaming services are by far the best, here are also some free services that offer great content: Check our Top 70 Best Roku channels to add these channels to your Roku: YouTube, Crackle, Vimeo and PBS

The Roku 3 is currently their fastest and best model they offer. It will be the perfect choice to help get you free from the monthly cable bill.

Plex, Channel PEAR and Playon

These three channels are often talked about as they offer much more additional and also some questionable content not found on regular Roku channels.

To learn more about each of these channels just click the links below:

Plex and PlayOn do require a computer or NAS box to be on at the same time you watch your Roku. If this is not something you would be interested in, an Android TV box will give you the same content and more without a computer.

Click here to learn more about the Roku 3

Android TV

If you scored 5 points or higher, an Android TV box may be more your style. 

These media streamers also work fine with Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. Android TV boxes will give you something you won't find on a Roku or Apple TV. They come with a built in web browser, XBMC/Kodi media center and also many great TV apps.

Since there really are quite a few Android TV media streamers available to buy.

We put together a top 10 list of the top performing Android TV streamers. The list has ratings, links to reviews and placed to get the best prices. This will help make your next Android TV shopping experience easier than ever.

Here are the: Top 10 Android TV Boxes for 2015.

Best Sources of Information for Cable Cord Cutters

  • We recommend you visit our Site Index.  We have added quite a wide range of topics covering many aspects of Media Streaming, Cord Cutting, Roku and Home Theater gear.
  • If you chose Roku as your media streamer and are on Facebook, we would like to invite you to join us on the Roku Rocks Facebook group. We have over 4,000 friendly members who love Roku and streaming. There is a ton of great information shared and if you have questions they will be answered shortly.
  • If an Android TV box was your media streamer of choice, please be sure to join us on the Team Android Facebook group.  Many great tips, links to apps and other Android streaming info.
  • Contact us, should you have further questions. We can't promise to answer every email, although we really do try.

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