AIDYMATIC - Good Stuff for XBMC - Kodi

AIDYMATIC - Good Stuff for XBMC & Kodi

UPDATE: Aidymatic is now only dealing with Android Box Builders. We have added a video at the end of this article which will show you how to use the Mucky Ducks Wizard add-on which will let you install the Dr Droids Kodi build for Free.

The Three Step Program to a Fully Loaded XBMC/Kodi

by Steven Jimmy Docherty

As you all may remember, I covered XBMC/Kodi a few weeks back and provided steps to get you a basic working set up using the tutorials of the wonderful Vdub. Now we don't all have the time to spare setting up XBMC/Kodi.  To be fair, XBMC/Kodi can be very time consuming even for the more experience users. 

So what are the options for the new comers to XBMC/Kodi or the seasoned pro that just hasn't got the time? Well, there are a few options (very few). And from the few that are, they can be pretty basic or have way too much on it. While this all sounds great, this is even more work to maintain once it is all set up.

Watch Video Below to See How To Add Mucky Duck Wizzard

Get Dr Droid's Free XBMC Build and other great Android TV Kodi Builds HERE!

So after all that it sounds like we are back to square one, well not really. 

Through my time pocking about and researching into XBMC/Kodi I stumbled upon AidyMatic. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what's AidyMatic? Well AidyMatic is pretty much a simple 3 step program to a super simple XBMC/Kodi setup that's not going to swamp your head and disc space with lots of useless add-ons and at the same time give you a more than ample setup to enjoy a great variety of content.

Now you are probably wondering why this is different to others that offer a similar automated set ups, well AidyMatic isn't just one set up. 

In fact it has included many different setups with all the add-ons and repos pre-configured and already added that are available from various XBMC/Kodi enthusiasts for you to choose from. 

***Well things changed quickly and since this was written, Aidymatic has changed direction and is now only doing custom install scripts for custom Android Box builders. So, just skip these old instructions below (which we will leave here in case they start up again) and go to the video at the end of this article.

1. Download and install the latest AidyMatic Android app on your device. The program is free for Android users but you can offer up a donation. This would be a nice thank you for time you have the joy of avoiding and the hard work that went into building this app.

2. So, now that you have the app installed and running, its time to select the setup for XBMC/Kodi that you would like to use. Now there are a  really quite a few and while I'm not here to pimp my setup out as it might not suit you, be sure to have a look at what's being offered before installing Dr Droid's. 

Since it only takes seconds to setup with this great app, why not try them all.

3. Once you have downloaded and installed your XBMC/Kodi setup, now step 3 is really the more difficult stage, because you now have to find something to watch from the huge selection of content you will now have available on your XBMC/Kodi build before you can sit back and enjoy.

See it really was not all that difficult at all.  I have covered before how XBMC requires a lot of TLC, for now this still has not changed and never will. You can also click here to get many more great apks for watching FREE TV and Movies on your Android device! 


If you do not yet have the Mucky Ducks Wizard,
you can get it from here.

You can also check out Vdubs YouTube videos for more great pointers, or many of the other great XBMC/Kodi Facebook pages.

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