Sling Time - Watch Cable TV Channels on Roku

Sling Time - Watch Cable TV Channels on Roku

Watch the cable channels you miss on your Roku player with Sling Television from Dish

by Michael Pierce

Really, the only thing I have missed in cutting the cord is my sports. Last year I disconnected my Dish satellite to stream on Roku and Chromecast. I missed watching my Pacers play in the NBA Playoffs. It really didn’t bother me until football season came, then basketball.

With the help from my Roku I found enough channels to satisfy my desire to watch sports. Thanks to streaming Facebook groups like Roku Rocks, I found I could get some games on Watch ESPN and pull up their ESPN 3.

There is a difference from their cable networks, and the tournament I love the most--March Madness is around the corner. It seemed everyone had channels they missed from not having cable but no one wanted to pay for channels they’d never watch.

As cord cutters, we learned a few tricks. I for one am not that savvy to know how all those tricks are done.

When news broke that Dish was providing a way to stream ESPN, ESPN 2, TBS, TNT, CNN, HGTV, and other channels for only $20 a month using their Sling Television technology.

I was intrigued; since I was always happy with Dish’s service in the past. Especially since Sling Television will offer additional packages of sports, kids and news channels for $5 more a month. 

In the past Dish had always worked to bring customers the lowest price.

Sling TV - Still Some Growing Pains

Sling is still new and there are still some drawbacks. My second night I was excited to watch my beloved Hoosiers playing and right when the game started, reloading issues occurred.

I called tech support, working through the problem, sharing my concerns, and gathering all the information I could get on their service. By the second half my team was getting badly beaten but the issue was resolved and it has never reloaded like it did that one night.

There are other issues: sometimes the stream freezes when hitting the remote. The one issue I am most concerned about is that Sling TV only offers one stream to many devices. 

My suggestion to Sling was to offer a second stream in a package.  This way I can be glued to my sports and my grandkids can watch cartoons in another room. 

 Sling isn’t perfect, no way near it. It is so new they need to work out the bugs. This may hurt them, for customers feel weary of paying to test their product. I do like the On Demand movies they offer and the more I experiment with what they have the more I like it.

I am excited to have Sling TV in the early stage and will do everything I can to help them grow. This is why I formed the Sling Time group so we can have a forum where we can all come together to give them our feedback. After all, we are their customers.

There will be more networks streaming their service. HBO is launching their online streaming service and it is also be available on Sling for an additional $15 a month. They are offering a free 30 day trial.  

Sony and other providers are working to come up with their own streaming services as well. Knowing how Dish operates like I do, I feel Sling will do everything in their power to provide the best quality at the lowest price.

This has always been Dish’s mission as a satellite provider. Sling service is still groundbreaking. Being one of the first to come out, sure they will be duplicated. In three years of using Dish’s services, I honestly feel no one will beat them at their price, though the future yet remains to be seen.

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