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What's Online @ Channel PEAR?

"channel PEAR is a collaborative, cloud-based media library that lets you instantly add, manage, and watch content across your favorite devices from free-to-air channels, our community media database, and anywhere else on the internet. No downloads or confusing server setups required - just login, pair your device, and watch! It works with Roku, Android, Apple iPhones and is Googlecast ready."

Channel PEAR an exciting new Roku channel

by Michael Pierce

After being a silent member of a Facebook group called Roku Rocks I read the happenings of many Roku channels but never really got involved. I am kind of ignorant on how to program a lot of the channels about which members were bragging. Plex and Playon seemed to be over my head and I would settle for the easier Roku channels that wouldn’t take much effort to program.

Towards the first of the year, a young developer came into our group and got everyone talking about channel PEAR. This site was more of a community channel where he depended on others to share url links of live stream and shows.

At first I balked. This sounded like another of those Roku channels would be over my head. How could I enjoy a Roku channel that would take more effort than I could give? It wasn’t until a savvy friend asked my thoughts on this that I investigated to see about adding the channel myself.

Unlike the other apps, this had me baffled. I didn’t understand how to add it till the next morning. When it did happen I was like a kid on Christmas morning, adding video sources to the Channel Pear channel as if they were gifts. There were cable channels and television stations from all over the world. I couldn’t keep my hands off the remote, surfing through cyberspace.

My first concern was whether this was legal? Channel Pear sounded too good to believe, and after leaving a few minutes I came home to find that most of the links were not working. I was sad and relieved; I didn’t want to get in trouble.

Everyone was disappointed in the group as we shared our thoughts. The next 24 hours more channel sources were added and things were smoother. Someone suggested, if PEAR had their own page why don’t we create a group.

I have had a passion to form groups and volunteered for this chore. Usually I like to take my time in forming a group but with this one I shared a link and before I knew it we were approaching 100 members.

The only name I could think of was, “What’s Online Channel Pear.” Our goals were simple; we were going be an asset to channel PEAR. We wanted to keep it positive and be a support link to their site. We will talk about what is on, problems we are having and anything that would help bring this app to more viewers.

The way I see PEAR is it is like a sport. Members go through agonizing hours to find  links and share their catches with the community. It is easy to complain when all goes bad but the true PEAR viewers will bear with them and encourage the hunters to not give up, as PEAR is in no way perfect.

My legal concerned lessened when a friend shared his thought of XBMC, which is similar. Streaming links is nothing new. What channel PEAR does is share them with a community through media streaming devices such as Roku.

This is not the perfect app, far from it, although it is free other than if you decide to order the Premium package for $3 month to get unlimited channels and devices paired.

As weeks passed, members still doubted PEAR. Some says it’s too much trouble. Still our group has grown to over 1100 members.

We strive to look at every profile but usually accept everyone. Most members come through several streaming groups. We are unsure about some, though we strive not to criticize anyone. We just ask members to bear with the growing pains and give this app a chance.

Everyday PEAR does something to enhance our curiosity. While they are still in the Beta stage, they are making progress, even through the setbacks. Channel sources can go out quickly and this can make some members unhappy. It is still exciting though because we never know what we’ll find when we turn these channels on every time.

Myself and other Admins are working hard to help our group grow. We are a members’ group with the mindset that we do this for our members. We would like to help PEAR bring the best to our members.

If you’re reading this and want to know more, feel free to join us by visiting our Facebook group: What's Online channel PEAR? There is plenty of room for you.

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