Roku Dropbox - FREE Cloud Storage!

Roku Dropbox - FREE Cloud Storage!

Play your videos, music and photos on Roku with a FREE Dropbox cloud storage account!

Roku channels that let you access your Dropbox files from the cloud

Cloud Storage is a term that you probably have heard thrown around a lot of in the last several years. It is nothing more than an allocated space on a computer server that let's you store files. While there are many such services that offer free limited storage accounts, one of the more popular ones is Dropbox.

Once you sign up for a Free Dropbox account they give you 2 gigabytes of free online cloud storage. You can use this space to store photos, music, videos or any other legal files. 

Once files have been placed in your Dropbox account they can easily be shared with family or friends. Or, simply leave them there to back up something you don't want to lose. The best part about Dropbox for streamers is it can also be used to store video, music or photos that can be played on your television with a Roku or Android Media Streamer.

Dropbox offers one of the nicest and easiest to use interfaces to manage your files. They offer software that you can download that integrates nicely with your Mac or Windows computer for keeping a folder in sync. 

What this means is you can designate a folder to backup important files. Every time you update, delete or add a file into this folder on your computer, the folder will also automatically sync with your Dropbox cloud storage account folder. This is done in the background and requires no extra steps on your behalf. This is a great feature for those of us that always seem to forget to backup important files.

Dropbox also integrates nicely with Android or iPhones, tablets and laptops to keep them backed up to the cloud as well. If you decide you need extra space in your Dropbox account, this is available for purchase. Extra cloud storage can get quite costly and depending how much space you need, you may be better off by buying a NAS (Network Attached Storage) that can do the same thing for no monthly fee. Read more about NAS storage devices.

For Roku owners there are a couple of Roku channels that will let you access and play files on your Roku media player. Before we show you these channels, you will first need a Dropbox account if you do not already have one. 

Click here or on the icon below to create your free online Dropbox cloud storage account. Free accounts are limited to 2GB of storage. You can create as many free accounts as you like, although you will need to use a different email address for each one.

FREE Cloud Storage


Click here to Create a Free 2Gb Dropbox Account!

Click Here to Add The Roku Dropbox Channel

Couchy Play Roku Channel

Click Here to Add Channel
Couchy Play works with your Dropbox account to seamlessly watch your media files on Roku.

Before you can begin using the Couchy Play channel with your Roku and Dropbox account, you first need to sign up for an account on their Couchy TV website here

Once signed up and logged in, click on Devices and enter the access code that shows up on your Roku screen when you first access the Couchy Play Roku channel. You will then need to click the Channels tab and link your Dropbox account under Cloud Storage. Once linked you will be able to save podcasts, or other video files by dragging them and dropping them into your Dropbox folder and then watch them on Roku using the Free Couchy Play Channel.

DriveCast Roku Channel

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DriveCast takes it a step further and is more a web-based media manager. It integrates nicely with all your web based media and is more like a web-based iTunes solution. It even includes a recording feature that lets you record internet radio channels by time or date. 

You can subscribe to podcasts and save the ones you decide to keep. It also integrates nicely with your Dropbox account and will let you play your media files from there as well. Their service as nice as it sounds at last check still had some issues with the Roku platform. DriveCast may work better with other devices like computers or Android as the Roku platform limits the file types that can be played.

To get started with DriveCast visit their website and sign up for a free account.

With Free cloud storage from Dropbox and these Roku channels, you can enjoy your videos or other media files on your Roku. Just another reason Roku is one of the best media streamers on the planet. 

For more great channels including Roku Private Channels be sure to see our A-Z Roku channels list!

Free Cloud Storage offers Cloud Storage with Safe Torrent Streaming for Roku or Android

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