Best OLED TVS for 2015!

Best OLED TVS for 2015!

If you want the absolute best HD TV money can buy, OLED is here and the prices are coming down

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) televisions while still fairly new, are the best thing to come out for TV technology since HD. They offer stunning blacks, amazing contrast ratios and a much wider viewing angle for better color rendering than LED or Plasma televisions.

The prices of OLED televisions have been dropping recently, although they are still priced considerably more that LED or Plasma TVs. In 2015 expect OLED Prices to drop even further as this new exciting television technology begins to take hold.

If you are looking for stunning picture quality, then take a closer look at these two top rated and yet still affordable OLED TV sets from LG

LG 55EC9300 OLED (55-inch)

Best 2015 OLED TV For the Money

If you are looking for a TV that will make your home theater the envy of your friends, family and neighbors, check out the new LG 55EC9300. The price may be a little steep, although if you want the best it will cost you. OLED gives you a picture that is second to none and will make you soon forget about the price. OLED picture quality is incredible and the colors are brilliant. The screen border frame design is so small it is almost nonexistent. The OLED LG 55EC9300 will quickly spoil you with it's great features, awesome display and great user interface. This makes the LG 55EC9300 55" OLED TV a top contender for best TV for 2015. Some may be put off by the slightly curved screen, thankfully this is a trend manufacturers are going away from in 2015.

LG 55EA8800 Smart OLED (55-inch)

LG OLED TV That Looks Like Fine Art

When you glance at this TV for the first time you may easily mistake it for a piece of fine art. This new OLED is so thin they actually framed it to look like a painting. Imagine turning on a screen saver app that shows beautiful artwork and an ordinary television suddenly becomes an exquisite focal point to any room. One thing worth mentioning on this LG OLED TV is the almost unheard of refresh rate of 0.1 microseconds. Also missing from this brand new model is the curved screen. Which we are not sorry to see go away. Something else that makes this OLED television stand out is the 100Watt room filling integrated canvas speakers. This eliminates the need for a separate speaker system or sound bar which collects dust and adds extra clutter to a room.

Interesting Facts About OLED TVs

OLED is still in it's early stages. Unlike Plasma and LED, OLED televisions are fairly new to the market and may still may have a few kinks. For 2015 we are seeing 3rd generation models and while prices have dropped rather significantly, expect to pay more for OLED over LED and Plasma. These prices will continue to drop as more and more OLED sets begin to flood the market. While early models were all curved, we are starting to see OLED TV sets being made now that are flat. This offers the viewer a better picture from off angles and less distortion.

Plasma TVs Still the Next Best Thing

If you are not quite ready to jump onto the OLED bandwagon, Plasma televisions are still highly recommended for home theater applications. They are best suited for darker locations like home theater rooms. Since they are not as bright as LED TVs, they will not be as brilliant when placed into a bright location. Plasma televisions still have dark deep black levels and still offer excellent picture quality and contrast levels.

Samsung PN60F8500 (60 Inch) Plasma

Plasma TV Still Next Best to OLED

The Samsung PN60F8500 is a class leader and top seller when it comes to plasma televisions. Samsung offers a super high contrast panel with built in technology to eliminate judder which can be seen in lesser models. Images on the Samsung Plasma are incredibly bright both in 2D and also 3D. Plasma technology has been around for years so they have it down. OLED is only at the beginning and while there is no doubt this technology will surpass Plasma, it may still take a few more generations before they have all the kinks ironed out.

OLED and Plasma Not Available with 4K UHD

4K Technology is still exclusive to LED televisions. This is why you will not find it available for either OLED or Plasma. Plasma is on the way out, Panasonic is no longer making Plasma TV sets, and as OLED takes hold you can bet other manufacturers will start phasing out their Plasma lines as well. So this will leave us with 4KUHD Led and OLED which are both nice alternatives for those wanting to purchase a new television set in 2015.

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