Cable Television Cutters Resource Guide

Cable Television Cutters Resource Guide

What your cable company really doesn't want you to know

For many years now a small handful of cable and satellite companies held tight control over our television viewing habits. These few companies dominated our television viewing by dictating what we got to watch, when we got to watch it and how much it cost us to be able to access their content. All the while raking in massive profits generated by extravagant fees and subjecting their customers to annoying and excessive commercials.

Luckily their grip is starting to loosen as more people are now streaming their television content and are taking back control over their television programming. For as long as commercial cable companies have existed, people have been trying to find ways to get their TV channels for free. There was a time early on when all television was free. A simple dipole antenna placed on top of a television set was all that was needed to get a good selection of channels. The good news is you can still watch Free TV today! No, we are not taking about hacking satellite or using a cable box descrambler. Not a good idea no matter how many times you read the ads in the back of Popular Science.

Watch Free Network Channels

You can watch Free TV in many areas by simply installing a small indoor antenna on your television and rescanning your channels on your television. Make sure the settings on your TV is set to "Antenna" not "Cable" and you have plugged the antenna into the correct port. If your lucky enough to get good reception, an antenna will provide you with the full local network channel package and a few other channels in full HD. For some applications where distance and obstructions pose an issue, an amplified or larger HD antenna placed in the attic or as high as possible on a roof will usually do the trick.

Major network channels still contain some of the best and most watched content on Cable or Satellite, these channels consist of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS. All these network channels are broadcast over the air and can all be watched today for free with a properly designed antenna. Even better, the picture quality is often better than what you receive from cable or satellite TV providers.

While, an antenna will not receive premium channels like HBO, Showtime or a few of the other better cable networks, the good news is these episodes can pretty much all be found online shortly after airing. They can be downloaded or even streamed without downloading from many sites online.

Low Cost Streaming TV

free tv
One of the best legal options to watch shows from some of the premium channels is to sign up for a streaming video on demand (VOD) service like Netflix, Amazon, Vudu or Hulu. Some shows can be purchased shortly after they air or are included free with a low monthly fee ranging from $8 to $10 a month. Most series on Netflix are a year behind. Hulu Plus has them faster usually the next day although they make you watch commercials. Amazon has them to purchase by episodes or by the full series when the season is over. Even by signing up to more than one of these services, most likely you would be looking at a monthly bill far lower than most cable or satellite TV subscriptions.

A Cable Cutters Resource Guide

This is just a small selection of free resources available here on that will help make the transition to living without cable much more pleasant. For even more great resources, be sure to visit our Site Index or Home Page. These channels guides, tips and sites will help cable television cutters find massive amounts of great streaming content online. This can be especially important during the early stages of cable television withdrawal. Like any habit, quitting cable TV takes a little while before the old cravings subside. If you ever feel the need to go back to cable or satellite, be sure to come back and visit us again. We promise to help you stay strong.

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While legal streaming is not always free, it offers the benefits of complete control over what to watch, when to watch it plus the time saved by not needing to watch countless commercials. Many people find it a way better alternative to cable or satellite television.

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