What is Roku Ruku or Roko?

What is Roku Ruku or Roko?

What is Roku Ruku or Roko

Roku is pure TV awesomeness all wrapped up inside a small little black box

If you were to say the number 6 out loud in Japanese, you would be saying Roku because it's their number six 六. The founder of Roku Anthony Wood, who earlier on also invented one of the first DVRs and the ReplayTV, chose the name Roku to commemorate his sixth invention. After this February's announcement that Roku has sold 8 million of their streamers, it has proven to be one of his most successful inventions to date.

To clear up some confusion about the name, it's not spelled Rocku or Ruku or even Roko. It's simply spelled Roku.

For those new to media streaming, Roku is one of the best selling, and most popular media streamers available today. Roku is currently outselling it's closest rival another popular media streamer the Apple TV. Here is why, early on Roku did something no other media streaming company was willing to do. They opened up their software and made it available for channel developers for free to create their own TV channels for the Roku platform. Roku media streamers also played a wider range of video formats then Apple.

get a Roku, Ruku or Roko
When the company introduced their first Roku model the DVP back on May 20 of 2008, it was sold as a simple Netflix box and really only had a small handful of channels. Fast Forward to 2014 and now that Roku is on it's third generation of hardware, it currently has over 1500 channels available both public and also private. Plus more new channels are released almost daily.

Private Roku channels are channels built by channel developers that for whatever reason decided not to publish their channels on the Roku channel store. They still often share their channels with the Roku community by way of a private channel code or link. These even include private Adult Only Roku channels that are not allowed to be public or published in the Roku channel store.

No Monthly Fee!

Roku charges no monthly fee after you buy their box. This is like having a free pass to watch a huge library of online video content hosted on the internet right on your TV. Most all Roku channels are free. Netflix, Hulu Plus and a few other premium channels do charge a monthly fee to pay for the huge selection of programming offered on their channels.

With over 5000+ Roku Channels Which Ones Should you Try First?

Here is a short list of some of the Top Roku channels to give you an idea of the type of content and channels available for Roku. These Roku Channels are a good starting point to find great new content to watch on your Roku.

Movie's and TV - Netflix, Amazon, Plus, Crackle , HBO Go, Vudu, PBS, History, One Kids, Blockbuster, A&E, Popcorn Flix, Redbox, Time Warner, Fox, Lifetime, Smithsonian Channel, Flixter, Disney Junior, Byu TV, Epix, CBS only clips of shows, Pop Flix Classic, Drive-in Classics, Disney XD, TMZ, Midnight Pulp, Cowboy Classics, Moonlight Movies, Asian Crush, Pop Flix Classic Movies, Fandango, Kung-Fu Theater, Bizarre TV, Manga, ET, Cafe Noir, Time Life, House of Horrors,

Music - Pandora, Vevo, Amazon Cloud Player, Tune In, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Sirius Radio, Slackers, Kosher Metal,

News - Fox News, NBC, Sky News, The Blaze, CBS News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, RT, Fox Business, Huffington Post, Dar.FM, Majority Report,

Sports - ESPN, MLB TV, WWE Network, NBA Game Time, UFC TV, CBS Sports, MMA Warriors, Driving Sports, Sport Fishing, USAC Racing, Fast Hockey, ESPN Radio, Dodgers Nation, Pro Wrestling Channel,

More - You Tube, Angry Birds, Animal Planet Live, Twonky, Daily Motion, US Weed Channel, Home Shopping Network, Blinkx, Food channels, Facebook, Real Player Cloud, Picasa, Juice, Shutterfly, Disney Channel, National Geographic. Kids, Superman Classics, and many great channels and apps for Kids, Lottery App, Weather Apps, Fitness and Outdoor Channels, Horoscopes, the Aviation channel, Trigger Talk, UFO Channels, Travel Channels International Channels, Religious channels, and almost all are FREE!

For more popular Roku channels along with links to quickly add new channels, be sure to see our Top 70 Best Roku Channels and also see our full A-Z Public and Private Roku Channels list. To learn much more about Roku, be sure to click here.

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