HDMI Cables Save Your Money Unless Your Rich

HDMI Cables - Save Your Money Unless Your Rich

A Tale of Two HDMI Cables


upon a time, two HDMI cables were manufactured and placed on the shelf of a major retail electronics store. The first HDMI cable was not very flashy and had only simple gold colored plated connectors. In fact it looked rather drab. Along came Average Schmoe and his eyes went right to the other HDMI cable that had a fancy carbon jacket with high grade silver plated connectors.  

As much as he really would have loved to buy this this fancy high priced $300 HDMI cable, he knew in his heart that with his meager salary, a car payment and home mortgage, he could never afford such an expensive luxury.

So he settled for the plain simple HDMI cable, placed it in his cart, checked out and paid ten dollars to the friendly clerk and took it home.

Earlier that day, Mr. Rich and Famous heard from some friends at the Country Club about a website on the internet called mkvXstream.com They told him about a huge list of some very interesting "Private Roku Channels"

Since his wife was at her tennis lesson, it was a perfect time to hook up a new Roku 3 that was given to them as a gift by their family attorney. He planned on using this on their rather small 120" 4K Ultra HD television that electrically came down from the ceiling in their bedroom when powered on by the remote. 

When he opened the Roku box, there was no HDMI cable included. It was just as well since he never used those inexpensive cables anyway and would throw them away and always replaced them with something of much higher quality. 

Since it was Sunday, it was his Driver's day off so he jumped in his bright red Ferrari and went to pick up a new HDMI cable at the local Electronics store.

Upon entering the store, he immediately noticed there were only a couple of HDMI cables to choose from. When he saw the rather plain looking inexpensive $10 black HDMI cables his heart dropped and he recoiled in disgust. It was only when he noticed the $300 price tag on the Carbon HDMI cable on the shelf beside it he breathed a sigh of relief. They had what he needed. 

He read the package and noticed the connectors even contained Solid 5% Silver-Plated LGC Conductors - For reduced signal loss. A few minutes later a friendly clerk greeted Mr. Rich and Famous and offered to show him an even nicer more expensive $700 Solid 10% Silver-Plated LGC Conductors HDMI cable behind the counter. Mr. Rich and Famous could hardly contain his excitement as he presented his Black Platinum VISA card to the store clerk to complete the purchase of his 10% Silver-Plated HDMI cable.

Meanwhile, Average Joe just finished hooking up his rather plain ten dollar HDMI cable to their 32" LCD TV which they bought at the Goodwill Store for a hundred dollars. The TV was a little scratched up from having been moved from home to home, although it still seemed to work fine. It was especially nice since it received a handful of free over the air HD TV channels with a small and inexpensive antenna.

silver HDMI cable
The Roku 2 was a gift from his father-in-law. Ever since they received it, the kids had been begging him to hook it up. They wanted to watch free cartoons plus a 1000 free other Roku channels they heard about from their friends at school.

Today was the day Average Joe wanted to surprise them when they came home from Sunday School. Once the new HDMI cable was plugged in and after a quick and simple setup procedure the television came alive with many new channels. There was so much great content to watch on Roku and the picture was so beautiful, crisp and in full HD, that the expensive $300 HDMI cable was soon a distant memory. 

The kids came home from Church and were so excited, they all gave their Daddy a big hug. They were so happy to be able to watch more than just a handful of free over the air channels and their Dad was the best Dad ever.

While this was going on, Mr Rich and Famous finished hooking up his Roku 3 to his new very expensive Carbon Fiber, Solid 10% Silver-Plated HDMI Cable and the picture was also very crisp and beautiful. 

Unfortunately, what he did not realize is, had he purchased and installed the ten dollar HDMI cable, his eyes would have been unable to see a difference in the picture quality.

The moral of this story is when it comes to HDMI cables, just because you pay more doesn't mean the picture quality is always better. Save your money, your eyes will not be able to see the difference. Although your wallet sure will.

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