Top Five Kodi Add-Ons for Watching TV on HTPC or NAS

Top Five Kodi Add-Ons for Watching TV on HTPC, Android or NAS

Are you an Android, QNAP NAS  or HTPC Owner and feeling a little envious of Roku owners because of all the great channels and live TV streams available on their little box?

Fret no more, here are all best add-ons and Repos for Kodi that are guaranteed to make even the most hardened Roku fan with their Roku Private Channels jealous.

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Kodi Media Center is open sourced software that is designed to run on a multitude of devices and operating systems. Besides playing media files, it offers users the ability to add some very interesting 3rd party plugins, otherwise known as Add-ons or Repos, which is short for repositories as they are called in the Kodi community.

If you are new to Kodi, we have added a large collection of step by step instructional videos from Vdub to help you Setup your Add-ons and Repos for watching live TV. Watch Now!

Setup XBMC Instantly!!! - Why mess with Individual Add-Ons.


XBMC for Android

Here Are All the best Add-ons and Repos in one Package.

AdiyMatic can save KODI users the time and hassle of installing add-ons and plugins one at a time by bundling all the very best Add-ons and Repos for watching free TV and movies. AidyMatic is fully loaded and will manage your add-ons and have you up in running in seconds. Everything comes all together ready to go in one convenient custom package. Best of all it's FREE!

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Not enough room to list them all here, so please click here to see the full list of Live TV & Music Kodi XBMC Add-ons!

Best Apps for Watching TV on Android!

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Top Five XBMC Repos/Add-Ons for Watching TV on XBMC

EXODUS - Currently Is One of The Best Third Party Add-ons for KODI.

Exodus is a next generation multi-scraper addon for Kodi
Click here to learn how to back up KODI User Data on Windows or Android.

Best Kodi Repo Exodus

Learn more about EXODUS

Install XBMC/Kodi on Your Fire TV! Step-by-Step Video Guide - Click Here

NaviX - Lets you stream and watch videos from the internet. ***NaviX is shutting down. It will be sad to see them go...
NaviX - Top Add-On for XBMC

Watch video on How to Install NaviX

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Best Streaming Sites You Won't Want To Miss!

Get USTVNow Free Network TV Channels on XBMC -- CLICK HERE!

Bluecop Repo - After installing Bluecop add Free Cable found under Programs in the Add-on section. This gives you access to additional Channels.

Free Cable Add-On part of Bluecop Repo

Sports Devil - Let's You watch Sports from around the world.

Sports Devil

Tired of cable and satellite bills going up month after month? Now is a great time to Cut Your Cable TV Bill with an inexpensive media streamer. Want full access to everything on the web, than check out the awesome G-Box Midnight MX2 loaded with XBMC!

PsuedoTV - This Add-On creates TV channels from your streams and feeds.


Install XBMC on 2nd Generation Apple TV

In order to run XBMC on your 2nd generation Apple TV, it will need to be Jail broken first. Currently there is no Jailbreak available for the 3rd generation Apple TV. If you are running XBMC on a HTPC you're good to go.

  • Here are the step-by-step instructions to Jailbreak and install XBMC on your Apple TV. 

How to Install an XBMC Repo or Add-on

  • Installing Repos on XBMC is very easy. Just download the Repo as a .zip file and navigate to this file within XBMC. This is done from inside the settings menu. Go to the "Add-Ons" menu and select "Add from .Zip File".

  • For more install help, be sure to check out our step by step guide to install XBMC Hub Wizard to get your new XBMC install configured quickly on a second generation jailbroken Apple TV. This will also help you install the Add-ons listed here.

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