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Many people have bought the amazing Roku media streamer and remain unaware of the large selection of private Roku channels they will never see on the Roku channel store. While the Roku channel store offers many great channels.  Don't miss out on a large selection of free private channels that are available to install.

Channels that are listed on Roku's channel store are channels that went through an official vetting process and were approved to be shown. Missing from the channel store are hundreds of private channels created by individual developers using Roku's free developer software.

Private Roku Channels


Private Roku channels can encompass a large variety of content. From exercise to cooking, extreme news and talk shows to religion and fishing. There are so many different channels and content available,  this is what makes Roku one of the best internet media streamers available today.

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Besides the Roku Channel store, we have the best and most complete channel list for Roku.  Admittedly, we may be slightly partial, although our readers do love our Roku channel list.  Our list of public and private channels are listed in an easy to scan format with a brief channel descriptions. We also include install links to each channel, so you can quickly add a new Roku channel and start watching it in just a few seconds.


Channels By Category

Besides our complete channel list, we have Roku channels listed by several popular categories.

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Roku Channels You Will Never Find on Roku's Public Store

Not many people are aware, and this may be one of Roku's hidden little secret. There is list of private Adult channels which have been developed for Roku. While many are subscription only, here is a list of Adult Roku Channels. Many of these adult Roku channels offer either free previews or are completely free. 

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