New Roku 3 (4230) Vs Old Roku 3 (4200)

New Roku 3 (4230) Vs Old Roku 3 (4200)

Here are the difference between the two top of the line Roku 3 models

There seems to be some confusion over the newest Roku 3 Model 4230, and their older Roku 3 model 4200 which was released several years ago.

While we been anticipating a new Roku 4 for quite a while now. Roku surprised their fans when they re-released their new updated Roku 3. While there were some minor differences in design which we will cover shortly, for the most part the new and improved Roku 3 (4230) and their older Roku 3 (4200) were pretty much identical.

Roku must even get asked this question often since they published this handy chart outlining the differences between their two top of the line models. You can view their comparison chart here...

Basically the only real difference between the old Roku 3 and the new one is a redesigned remote with different buttons, and Voice Activated Search.

The remote has shortcut buttons for popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Rdio, and Hulu. This launches the channel right from the remote and will save you time provided you subscribe to one of these channels. Since these are some of the most popular channels on Roku, most cordcutters will already have an account with one or more of these commercial streaming services.

Voice Activated Search

Since the new Roku 3 supports Voice Activated Search their new remote also has a built-in microphone. Maybe this feature was added to compete with the Amazon Fire TV which also has Voice Search. 

Unlike the Fire TV the new Roku 3 search works with across all their channels and streaming services to help you find a movie or show by name or actor. The Fire TV search only works with Amazon's own library of content on Amazon Instant.

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Still No AC WiFi or 4K on the New Roku 3

AC WiFi is becoming more and more common and Roku has yet to introduce a model that can take advantage of the new faster protocol. 

Rook finally delivered the long anticipated Roku 4 which now features AC WiFI, a Quad Core CPU and is 4K UHD capable. You can read more about the new Roku 4 here.

The Old and New Roku Share Many Features

If you can live without the Voice Search or the new shortcuts, the old and new Roku are pretty much identical other then the 3 logo on top of the case is a little different on each model.

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The Roku 2 Offers the Best Current Value

During this latest update to the Roku 3, they basically took their old Roku 3 hardware and placed it inside a Roku 2 case. 

The new Roku 2 does not come with a gaming remote although performance between it and the new Roku 3 are identical. This is a huge speed bump from the last Roku 2. The Roku 2 also does not have the Voice Search Feature. It does have the same quick launch channel buttons on the remote as the Roku 3.

Our recommendation at this point is skip the Roku 3 if you don't need Voice Search and Gaming and instead get a Roku 2 (Roku 2 does not come with the gaming remote).

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Roku Buyer Beware

It has also been reported that some online sites are advertising the new Roku 3 and shipping out their older Roku 3 (4200). Always double check the model numbers to ensure you are getting the latest current Roku 3 model.

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