Install Plex Channel on Roku

Install Plex Channel on Roku

Play your .mkv, .avi and .mp4 video files on Roku

Play your TV shows and Movies on Roku with Plex
Add Plex Roku channel

About Plex
Plex is a Media Server application that is designed to be run from a computer or NAS and serve media to a Plex Player. 

This allows you to play common video content in the form of .avi, .mp4 and .mkv directly to a Plex Player enabled device. 

For the purpose of this guide we show you how to get it up and running on a Roku. Plex has a long list of supported devices with Plex Player apps that interface with the Plex Media Server application.

List Of Supported Plex Player Devices

  • Android
  • AppleTV (Jailbroken Only Models)
  • DLNA Devices
  • GoogleTV
  • iOS Devices
  • LG Medialink
  • Plex Media Center (OSX, Windows, Linux)
  • Roku
  • Windows Phone 7

  • By installing Plex on your Roku it will allow you to play files that Roku would normally not play. Plex will automatically look for, download and install poster art for your television shows and movies.

    Plex Roku Installation Instructions
    Plex is no longer charging a one time $4.99 fee for their Roku Channel it is now Free for everyone.
    If you would like to try a different version than the official Plex version. You can add the Plex Classic Channel below. This is the original Plex channel not the new updated one which is now in the Roku Channel Store.

    Download and install the Plex Media Server Software on your Mac, PC or Linux machine.
    • Click Here to Go to and create a free account.
    • Click Here to Add the Plex Channel to your Roku.
    In order for your Roku to connect to the Plex Media Server, your computer needs to be turned on, not sleeping and Plex Media Server needs to be running on your computer.

    Auto Discovery

    When you launch the Plex Channel on your Roku it will automatically discover and attempt to connect to your Plex Media Server running on your home network.

    If the connection is successful you will see the library sections you setup in Plex Media Manager as well as any Plex Channels you have added.

    For this to work correctly, the computer or NAS that you installed Plex Media Server on needs to be running and Plex Media Server has to be running on that computer. Also, the computer and the Roku need to be connected to the same network.

    You can check this by comparing the IP addresses of the computer and the Roku. Standard internal home IP addresses usually look something like The third set of numbers, in this case the bold 1 -, is what determines the network the device is on.

    So for instance, if your computer has an IP address of and your iOS device has an IP address of then you can see that they are on separate networks because the third set of number on each IP address do not match.

    Manually Connect to the Plex Server

    If auto discovery doesn't connect to your Roku to your Media Server, then you can try manually adding the IP address of the computer running Plex Media Server.

    If you are going to manually add the IP address, then you want to make sure your computer has a static IP address. By default, when a computer is turned on it will use the first IP address that is available on the network.

    When you set a static IP address you tell the computer to always use the same IP address. This is very important if you are going to manually add your Plex Media Server to the app.

    Installing Plex Channels on Roku

    Plex Channels allows access to video, audio and photo content from over 200 websites. Click here to see a list of some of the best Plex Channels 

    These Plex channels are independent from Roku channels that are installed on your Roku player and will be available when your Roku is connected to the Plex Media Server which must be running on your PC or Mac.

    From the Plex Channel on your Roku, select the Channel Directory under the Miscellaneous section of the Plex Menu. 

    In the Channel Directory you will be able to browse through the list of all of the Plex Channels available to add them to your Plex Media Server and play them on your Roku.

    Unfortunately there are some Plex Channels that are not available in the Plex Channel Directory. This is due to limitations and Restrictions put in place by Roku.

    Next - Add the Plex Unsupported App Store for Much More Content!

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