Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Server

Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Server

High end diskless Blue-ray and DVD media streaming by Kaleidescape

If you have ever wondered what money can buy when price is no option, prepare to be impressed. While most of us are content with our hundred dollar DVD player or media streamers, when it comes to high end media gear Kaleidescape makes one of the best in class, their Cinema One Media server.

"Cinema One is simply the best movie player on the market. It stores up to 600 DVD or 100 Blu-ray quality movies and goes from zero to opening scene faster than any Blu-ray player in the world—without warnings, previews, menus, or ads. Unlike streaming services, Cinema One lets you enjoy all of your movies in the highest audio and video quality available."

When Kaleidescape came out with their Cinema One media server last year, it was immediately met with resistance from the movie industry. With it's ability to copy and hold hundreds of movies and TV shows it did not please filmmakers. 

Kaleidescape designed their Cinema One Media server for the really high end home theater crowd. Unlike cheap media streaming devices, this unit is built like a tank. By using only the highest quality electronic components, the Cinema One offers stunning high quality Blue-ray playback from the disk that is equivalent to the same exact quality as the most expensive Blue-ray DVD players.

Even though the Kaleidescape Cinema One has the ability to play Blue-ray DVDs, what makes it very unique is you can purchase a wide selection of Blue-ray movies, DVDs and Full TV Series directly from their cloud based store, download them and store them on the Cinema One internal storage and play them back in full Blue-ray quality.

The Kaleidescape Store is home to over 8,500 licensed movies and 1,600 TV seasons. Many have UltraViolet Rights, this means you can play and take your movies with you anywhere.

Once downloaded, Blue-ray movies will play back as accurately and in the same high quality from the hard drive as they would from a Blue-ray DVD disk.

One can even link two Kaleidescape Cinema One models together to double available disk space. That is if your collection is so large and you need to more than 100 Blue-ray movies or 1200 DVD Quality movies.

The Cinema One units don't even need to be physically located in the same room. This means you can start and pause a movie in your home theater, and a few days later resume it in your bedroom in the same exact place you left off.

The Kaleidescape Cinema One comes with a nice backlit remote, and you can get an optional Childs remote so they can control it to watch their movies. They also offer an app for iPad users to control the Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Server.

Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Server Features

Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Server FEATURES

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