Best HD TV Antennas

Best HD TV Antennas to Watch Free TV

Top Rated HD Antennas

With an HD TV antenna you could be watching Free network TV shows, Local News and sports events for Free. Since television broadcasters switched over to HD all the local network TV channels that you will receive are now in HD.

Since Cable and Satellite providers often compresses their signal to maximize their bandwidth to add more channels. Signal quality can often suffer.  An HD Antenna may actually give you a better quality HD picture. Since the television signal is now broadcast in digital instead of analog, say good bye to ghosting and snow forever. With an HD signal, the picture will either be there or it won't.

HD TV can be captured and recorded using a QAM card for a PC. Or, by using an external network HD HomeRun QAM tuner, which captures the signal and sends it to any PC on your network via Ethernet cable. This gives you the ability to record the HD signal, pause and playback live TV using the hard drive on your PC or Mac.


HD TV Antennas can be either mounted indoors out of sight behind the TV, or for longer distance reception, can be mounted on a roof or inside an attic.

Today's Best Rated HD TV Antennas:

Indoor HD Antennas:
  • Paper Thin Mohu Leaf Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna - Made in the USA! by Mohu

  • The Mohu Sky is a popular omni-directional antenna from Mohu that can be mounted indoors or outdoors.
    This antenna does not need to be aimed and has a working range of up to 60 miles. It's amplified from either an AC adapter or a USB port. This can really help pull in those marginal channels clearer. It has received outstanding reviews and it's modern small footprint will make it blend in nicely and not create an eyesore on your roof like some of the larger antennas.

    Read reviews and learn more about the Mohu Sky…
  • Terk HDTV  Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV Reception
  • Winegard Company FL-5000 FlatWave HDTV Indoor Digital Flat Antenna - Made in USA
  • Outdoor/Attic Long Range HD Antennas: 
    WARNING: Please take all safety precautions and follow manufacture guidelines when installing an outdoor HD antenna.

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