Secret Backdoors Found on Cheap Android Streaming boxes

The Hidden Dangers of Cheap Android TV Streaming Boxes

You may want to reconsider buying a cheap Android Streaming box

Secret backcdoors on Cheap Android streaming boxes

Recent jaw-dropping news might make you rethink that "great deal" on your Android TV box. Recently, some tech detectives went on a hunt to uncover the secrets of these cheap TV boxes. And guess what they found? They stumbled upon a treasure trove of digital trickery! 
Turns out, at least eight of these budget boxes had a sneaky backdoor linking them to servers in China. 
Yep, you read that right—like a digital back alley. This sneaky backdoor wasn't there to say "hello"; it was being used for some serious cyber mischief. Imagine a digital sea filled with phishing scams, fraud, and all sorts of online naughtiness. 
Much like a high-tech pirate ship sneaking around, stealing virtual treasure. And it's not just the boxes—they also found a bunch of misfit apps on Android, iOS, and TV boxes playing along in this digital caper. 
Although efforts have been made to toss these rogue apps out of the app stores, the damage has already been done. Over 120,000 Android devices and 150,000 iOS devices got caught in the net.

Best Option for An Android Media Streamer

Currently, the only way to safely use an Android media streamer without worrying about your data ending up on a Chinese server is to avoid buying the cheaper Android boxes altogether. Instead, opt for either a Nvidia SHIELD or Chromecast with Google TV.

The Shield will set you back a pretty penny and has not been updated in quite some time. The Google Chromecast with Google TV is more budget-friendly and still offers acceptable performance.

If you do want to risk getting a cheaper clone box, we recommend not using any personal information at all, and keeping all credit cards, and personal information off the box. You may want to go as far as setting up dual Routers and keeping one on a separate network as well.

Your Cheap Android TV Streaming Box May Have a Dangerous Backdoor

New research has found that some streaming devices and dozens of Android and iOS apps are secretly being used for fraud and other cybercrime: Learn more

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