ExpressVPN Just Passed 4 Million Active Subscribers

ExpressVPN Passed 4 Million Active Subscribers

More Cord-cutters are using a VPN to protect their online privacy and to stream content from other countries

ExpressVPN just hit a major milestone, they now have over 4 million active paying subscribers to its VPN service in over 180 countries.

Why Use a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. A VPN creates a private connection between your online devices and a VPN company's servers.

There are several reasons to use a VPN, including:

1. Security: A VPN encrypts your internet connection and can help protect your personal information from hackers and cybercriminals.
2. Privacy: A VPN can hide your IP address and location, making it more difficult for websites and advertisers to track your online activity.
3. Access to blocked content: A VPN can allow you to access websites and services that are blocked in your country or region.
4. Anonymous Browsing: A VPN can mask your IP address and make it difficult for anyone to track your online activity.
5. Bypassing internet censorship: VPNs can help users bypass government-imposed censorship on the internet, enabling access to information that would otherwise be restricted.
6. Remote working: VPNs can provide a secure connection for remote workers and allow them to access company resources as if they were on the same network.

With So Many VPN Services Available, Here's What Makes ExpressVPN #1

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider that offers a wide range of features and services. Some of the key features of ExpressVPN include:
  • Strong security: ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption to protect your personal information and online activity from hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Global Network of Servers: ExpressVPN has servers in more than 90 countries, allowing you to access content and services from around the world.
  • High-speed Connections: A slow VPN can really slow down your online browsing, and streaming. ExpressVPN may cost a little more, but they offer fast and reliable connections, making it easy to stream video, play online games, and download large files.
  • Easy to use: ExpressVPN is easy to set up and use, with simple apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers.
  • No-log policy: ExpressVPN does not log or track your online activity, ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times.
  • 24/7 customer support: ExpressVPN offers round-the-clock customer support via live chat, email, and a support center with detailed tutorials and troubleshooting guides.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the service risk-free. Compatible with multiple devices: ExpressVPN can be installed on multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and routers, making it easy to protect all of your devices with one account.

    Why Pay for a VPN when Free VPNs are Available

    Paid VPN providers offer many benefits over Free VPN providers.

    Free VPNs are typically supported by advertising and may have limited features or slower speeds compared to paid VPNs. They may also have data limits and may sell user data to third parties. Additionally, some free VPNs have been found to contain malware or engage in other malicious activities.

    Paid VPNs, on the other hand, typically offer more features, faster speeds, and better security. They also typically have strict no-logs policies and do not sell user data to third parties. Paid VPNs also provide better customer support and may offer a money-back guarantee.

    In summary, while free VPNs can be useful for some limited purposes, paid VPNs generally provide a more secure and reliable service.

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