VPN Roku Trick - Get More Channels

VPN Roku Trick - Get More Channels

Blocked Roku Channels? This VPN Roku trick will help you watch more Roku channels and content.

UPDATE - Netflix's hardcoded google DNS into their Android and Roku apps. This disabled Netflix for the many users who had altered their routers DNS to VPN or other services that circumvented geo-restrictions. The work around now is to redirect traffic sent to the Google DNS in your router.

You can also purchase an IPTABLES capable router. This will prevent devices like Chromecast and Roku from communicating with Google DNS and then you will be able to continue watching Netflix anywhere.

Want to watch USA shows from Netflix and Hulu on your Roku and don't live in the USA? Your Roku will need to be connected to a USA VPN IP server.

Just use this VPN Roku Router trick to connect your Roku player to a VPN Enabled Router. This will also let you watch Local Blackout Games from your favorite Sports channels.

The same also holds true for watching shows that are blocked in the USA like some shows from the BBC. Set your VPN to a UK based VPN server and watch shows and movies for their geographic area on Netflix or Hulu Plus. This simple trick gives you the ability to stream a much wider range of content from many places in the world.

VPN Roku Trick

Benefits of a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a secure encrypted network between your computer and your VPN provider.

Protected Security Online -  A VPN keeps others from eavesdropping or snooping on your internet traffic. If you ever get online in a public coffee shop or airport using a public WiFi, you are at a much greater risk of being hacked.

Your passwords can be stolen and your online accounts easily compromised. A VPN encrypts all traffic to hide you identity whenever your online in public or on your home network.

Anonymous Internet Identity - Once you connect to the internet through a VPN your IP address will be hidden behind anonymous IP addresses. A VPN will encrypt and hide your traffic and even your ISP provider will have no clue what you are doing online.

This is really the best way to protect your anonymity online.

No More Censorship - Blocked websites based on your geographic location are easily accessed with a VPN. Just change your IP to one from the same country you are trying to access and your in. You will have the same access to content as if you were a local resident.

By using a VPN, and a properly configured VPN router, everything on your internet network will have open access and  your ISP provider can never see what you stream or download.

Extra Costs

Unfortunately a VPN provider is not free and there is an additional cost involved. The price for all the benefits offered is really not cost prohibitive.

Most VPN providers offer considerable discounts if you pay in full for an entire year. If you choose to do this, make sure to pick a VPN provider that has been around for a while and has a solid reputation.

Favorite VPN Provider - ExpressVPN

watch TV from geo-blocked locations

ExpressVPN is a top notch VPN provider and they now have 2,000 servers located in many different cities in 94 countries around the world.  Check VPN locations here

With thousands of IP addresses, their service is affordable and they offer easy to use software. If using a VPN on a single device, download and install their software, enter your username and password then click the connect button.

Router Quick VPN Server Tutorial

Make sure you choose an IP located in a country that you want access to. And don't forget to change your IP address back to your own country, or disable VPN service when you want to watch content at home.

Using a VPN will let your Roku have more access to content you would otherwise not be able to view.

ExpressVPN offers a comprehensive Router database. To see if your router is compatible with a VPN and for complete setup instructions, click image below then click on the Support tab. Then Scroll down to "Setup Tutorials".

Trendnet makes a very popular DD-WRT Router - Click here for more info

get ExpressVPN
Without a VPN Some Roku Channels Will Not Work in Your Country

Many people outside the USA can't access many Roku channels from our Private Roku Channels List.

This is because they are located in a country that does not yet have access to the Roku store or website and are being geographically blocked. This prevents them from installing and watching channels from our list by clicking the add channel links.

If you have already registered your Roku in your home country outside the USA, you would need to reset and clear then register another Roku account with your VPN IP set in the USA. An easier method would be to get another Roku, link it to a USA account and use it whenever you want to watch content abroad.

And when you register your device with Roku, make sure to Not add a credit card from a country other than the USA.

To not enter a credit card at all, look in the lower right corner of the screen where you would enter the credit card number. There is a skip link.

There are also some Roku channels that were not enabled by the developer to be viewed in countries other than the USA. If you run into this, sometimes it helps to contact the channel developer and ask them to enable their channel in other countries.

This is really a rather simple process and only requires ticking a few additional boxes when they upload the channel to Roku. Most of the time they just forget or missed this step while getting their channel up and running.

By using this simple VPN Roku trick and setting your VPN router to a USA IP address, you will have full access to all the Roku channels available that are in the USA Roku channel store.

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