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Shopping for a new media streamer, here are the Top 3 best for cutting the cord and watching endless TV shows and movies

Best Media Streamers

More people than ever are dumping their cable TV providers and using media streamers to watch TV over the Internet. With what seems like endless options, these are the top three choices when deciding on which media player to buy.


Roku right now has the largest market share in media streamers. With millions of active user accounts, an easy-to-use interface and a channel store loaded with content Roku is a popular choice.

They offer several models, along with TVs and Soundbars with a Roku streamer already built in.

They are affordable and work well. Even if their hardware is not as powerful as an Apple TV or Nvidia SHIELD.

Apple TV

The Apple TV 4K is a very nice media streamer. Like Roku, they restrict what you can do with your media streamer through their App store. But, they are a little less restrictive because you can download several IPTV apps, and even use KODI as long as you have access to a developer signed app. It is very simple to use, and AirPlay works better on an Apple TV than any other streamer. So if you already own an iPhone, or iPad and want to play content from these devices from the Internet, this is your best choice.


Android includes a wide range of media streamers. From Fire TV, Google TV, cheap import boxes, to the incredible Nvidia SHIELD. These are the most computer like and least locked down media players available.

Not as easy to use as Roku and Apple TV, and Android media streamers take a bit of a learning curve to master the operating system. But once you do, you will have something that can do a lot of different things besides watching TV. Hook a mini keyboard, and a mouse and you have a fairly inexpensive device that will let you surf the web, play games and use other many other kinds of apps.

Since you can download and install apps outside the app store on Android. This is the least restricted media streamer you can buy. Many Android sideloaded TV apps offer full access to movies and shows online from sometimes less than legal sources. So you need to be careful you don't break any copyright laws in your country.

No matter which media player you decide on buying, eventually you may own several. Each brand has their own pros and cons, but owning more than one can give you access to the widest range of TV content. 

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