Secret Nvidia SHIELD TV Remote Tricks

Secret Nvidia SHIELD Remote Tricks

Do More With Your Nvidia SHIELD TV Remote


Full List of Secret Nvidia SHIELD TV Remote Commands

The Nvidia SHIELD TV Remote is powerful. At first glance it looks simple. But it controls one of the most powerful media streamers on the planet.

Here is a list of some useful things you can do with your older SHIELD TV remote.

New Nvidia Shield TV Remote
PLEASE NOTE: The newer 2019 SHIELD TV remote is even more powerful and has dedicated buttons for some of these features. It runs on AAA batteries so they can easily be replaced. The good news is, it will also work on ALL previous SHIELD TV models. Buy the new SHIELD Remote Here when it's available at the end of January 2020.

Secret SHIELD Remote Tricks

1. Quick Sleep - By Pressing the Back and Home Buttons together, your SHIELD will quickly enter sleep mode. This is a lot faster than navigating to the sleep menu in settings.

2. Access Restart Menu - Need to restart your SHIELD? Hold the back button for a few seconds to bring up the sleep/restart menu on your screen. From there choose restart to reboot your SHIELD TV box.

3. Pause/Play Videos - When you double tap the Volume Slider it will pause the video. Double tap Volume Slider again and the video will resume playing. This can be turned off by going to the Settings/SHIELD accessories menu.

4. Context Menu Options - Bring up extra menus in certain Android apps like Kodi. Press and hold the Select button. Another context menu will pop-up on the screen with added options.

5. Fast Share Menu - When tapping and hold the Home button, it brings up several sharing options.
a. Take a Screenshot
b. Record a game you're playing.
c. Stream a current game to TWITCH.

6. Access Picture in Picture Menu (PIP) - Double tap Home button. This then offers several extra menu options.
a. Switch between full screen and PIP
b. Choose from recently opened apps.
c. Close recently opened apps.

Do try these hidden remote tricks at home. Because once you start using them all the time, you will enjoy your Nvidia Shield TV box even more.

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Easily Find Your SHIELD Remote

The original SHIELD remote is tiny. This means it is forever getting lost. Even when it's hiding in plain sight.

Sideclick makes a cool attachment for the original SHIELD remote that will not only add extra button features. It makes it larger. So it is easier to hold onto and can help keep it from getting lost.

It's only $30 and is available at BestBuy's store on eBay.

Mount Your SHIELD to the Wall Behind Your TV

While we are on the subject of hiding things. Here is something cool we came across that can easily hide your Nvidia SHIELD behind your television.

It's a bracket that mounts to the wall and your SHIELD box can slip right in. Keeping it out of sight which minimizes clutter. And this makes for a nice clean install for wall mounted flat panel TVs. See it here »

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