Roku Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Roku Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Common Roku Error Codes

Roku Error Codes

Roku is an awesome media streamer. But once in a while, things can go a little bonkers. A good indication something is wrong is when Roku error codes start showing up on the TV screen.

Roku error codes can really be a good thing. Look at error codes as clues. Clues on how to fix a problem with your Roku media player or Roku TV.

Typical Roku Error Codes and What They Mean

Roku Error Code - 001
This error has to do with activating "The Roku Channel." Fix it by going to the Roku Home Screen and pressing the Fast Forward button on your Roku Remote, then Press the Rewind button.

Roku Error Code - 003
Your Roku operating system software is out of date. Go to Settings/System and check for updates. Roku will perform a quick check for new software. Once it has updated this error code should go away.

Roku Error Code - 009
This is a network error. Your Roku is seeing the router but it can't get out to the Internet to access content.
a. Try restarting both the Router and then your Roku. A quick way to restart is by simply unplugging each device and reconnecting to power.
b. If this still does not help and your Roku supports Ethernet, try an Ethernet wire to see if this solves the problem.
c. Otherwise try moving your Router or Roku a little higher or closer together can often improve a weak WiFi signal.

Roku Error Code - 011
Your Roku Software update has failed. Same as Error Code - 003, check for new updates and try installing the latest Roku software update again. If the software update, fails to install. And you are experiencing other issues. The only option may be to perform a factory restore. Click here for instructions.

Warning: A factory reset will delete all your settings and you need to start fresh like when it was new. If you use the same Roku account, all your Roku channels will remain. Some channels may need to be reauthorized with channel providers again.

Roku Error Code - 012
This is an Ethernet connection problem. More than likely a loose connection, or bad Ethernet wire. If your home is wired for Ethernet, this tool can quickly help diagnose broken wires. And it's very inexpensive.

Roku Error Code - 014
This means Roku is not connected to a WiFi network. Check both the password and login information to confirm it matches the security settings on the Router. Verify, that there are no restrictions set in your Router for certain MAC Addresses.

Roku Error Codes: 014.20 - 014.30 - 014.50
These codes mean your WiFi connection is poor. And it can either be really slow which causes buffering. Or it may fail altogether and not connect to the Internet at all.
a. Check Network Settings by going to Settings/Network on your Roku.
b. If using WiFi, move both the Roku and Router as close as possible. Avoid too many walls or metal objects between them.
c. Try a range extender for your WiFi. Netgear Nighthawk X4 WiFi Range Extender is PC Magazine's Editors Choice
Roku WiFi Range EXTENDER
d. Upgrading to a better quality Router with more antennas and additional WiFi bands can often help as well. Especially if your neighbor hood is really congested with Netflix users. A newer higher performance Router is sometimes all that is needed. This can eliminate the added expense and complicated setup of a WiFi Range Extender. A top performer is the - Linksys AC2200 Mesh WiFi (Tri-Band Router)

Roku HDCP Error

Roku HDCP Error

This is an HDMI Unauthorized Content safeguard put in place to prevent copying protected TV Shows, or Movies. It is accompanied by a purple TV screen. Here are several ways to fix it.
a. Try switching Inputs on your TV. If your Roku is plugged into HDMI Port 1, go to HDMI Port 2. Then back around again to HDMI Port 1. Often this will fix it and this error will go away on its own. This is also a good trick to try if your sound does not work right or the TV picture looks a strange color.
b. Sometimes unplugging your HDMI cable and plugging it back in or using another HDMI port will make this error go away.
c. If the HDCP error screen keeps coming back, verify the HDMI cable is HDCP 2.0 or the latest 2.2 compliant. Try a new one or swapping HDMI cables with another device that you know is working.

Roku CEC Error

This can be extremely frustrating. Because your Roku may start acting strangely. Like turning off the TV when a button is pressed on your Roku remote. Or when you press an input button it changes to a completely different input than desired. Try Disabling CEC in your TV settings. Check the manual for particular instructions on turning off CEC on your television.

Roku Channels Errors

Another error that can pop up anytime is a channel that worked fine and now won't work at all. Maybe an update to the channel overnight went bad. When a channel won't work, it could be they updated it and it may no longer be compatible with your Roku Model.

noAuthz Error

From time to time some channels require that a user reauthorize it to continue using it. This is to prevent sharing the channel on multiple accounts. A new code will appear on the screen.

Visit the page link shown on the screen. Be sure to type in this link in the browser address bar where web addresses are shown and not into a Google search page.

Sign out from Settings if you are already signed into this page. Then sign-in again and enter the code shown on the screen.

Click Here for a List Of Current Roku Stand-alone Models

If your Roku is newer, sometimes a corrupted channel can cause issues. And it may not be just on your device. Check on the Roku Rocks Group on Facebook and see if other users are reporting problems with the channel broken as well.

Something broke and it may need to be fixed on the developer's end. And there is not much we can do except try to contact them and wait for them to fix it.
Here's good trick to get Roku channels working again that are acting up.

1. Delete the Roku Channel. With the channel highlighted on your home scree, Press the Star Button on your remote to bring up a context menu.

2. Remove the Roku channel.

3. Restart your Roku and reinstall the channel.

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