Free Streaming TV Apps WIth Live TV

Three Free Streaming TV Apps WIth Live TV

STIRR, XUMO, and Pluto TV The Three Kings of Free TV

Best free streaming TV apps with Live TV

When it comes to Free TV watching reliable legal content is still pretty scarce. But here are three channels that no self-respecting cord cutter should be without

Free Streaming TV apps are like the gold nuggets of the streaming TV world. While there are literality thousands of sources to find content to watch on almost every media streaming platform. Channels that offer a cable TV like interface with a channel guide are still scarce.

Over the past several years, some rather significant channels have come to the forefront. Pluto TV started it off by offering some amazing content with a handful of live TV channels in their package.

While XUMO and STIRR came along a little later, they both mimicked Pluto TV in the sense that they also provided Live channels and a long list of other on demand channels on their platform as well.

What makes all three of these Free Streaming TV apps extra awesome, is they all include a cable TV like guide that lists all their different sub-channels their channels contain.

Why Watch Live TV?

Many new cord cutters automatically gravitate towards live streaming channels. Maybe because this represents something comfortable and familiar to them.

But what they quickly learn is that a zebra is still a zebra, and streaming cable TV packages tend to follow the same path as their cord bearing cable TV counterparts.

There are still endless commercials, and prices that keep going up rather significantly year after year.

So when they stumble across channels like Pluto, XUMO and STIRR that offers an ever so slight resemblance to the world they left behind when the cord was cut. These free live streaming channels with their spiffy looking guides offer a certain level of comfort to those tired of binge watching shows on Netflix.

Free TV Does Have a Cost

While nothing in this world is truly free except maybe the air we breath, almost everything comes with some kind of cost.

And these free streaming channels are no different. Because technically you can watch them as long as you want for free. The cost is a little bit of your time to watch their ads. So if your time is really valuable, you may opt to look for apps and channels that offer an ad-free experience.

On the other hand if you have more time than money, these free channels are not a bad way to go.

Add Them Here

The nice thing about free ad-supported channels is there are quite few other good apps as well. These all offer unique content of their own. While they may not have a fancy guide or as much content as Pluto, XUMO or STIRR, these channels are also worth watching as well.

Here is a list to add these Free streaming TV apps and more to your favorite media player

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