Popular Weekly Streaming TV News - Vol 3

Weekly Streaming TV News Stories Volume 3

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Popular Streaming TV News Stories Vol 3

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"Roku dominates US streaming market, Sony takes second place"

Amazon comes out with a TV to compete with TCL

"Though it seems like Alexa is found everywhere, Amazon’s pervasive presence in American homes doesn’t necessarily translate to their TV screens at least when it comes to choosing a streaming"
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"Stream FREE Live TV (NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, Fox, Univision and Picture Quality is Off the Charts!"

"Stanford University lets you watch free live TV channels. Including (NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, Fox, Univision) in your browser to help them improve video streaming technology using their Puffer Project. This great for live sports and prime-time shows. Picture quality is INCREDIBLE and it's totally free, but it will not work on iPhones or in Safari."
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"How to Turn Off The Netflix Counter on Roku"

Turn off Netflix Counter on Roku

If you have ever accidentally turned on the counter in Netflix by pressing the wrong button on a Roku remote and then left wondering how to get the blasted thing to turn off again. Here is what you need to know..."
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"Sling TV Also Raising (Some) Prices Today, Adds “Total TV Deal” Too"

New 6 Series TCL Roku 4K TV

"Sling TV, like PlayStation Vue earlier today, has pricing news to share with customers. While not a straight-up price hike for everyone, Sling does have a new price for their Sports Extra add-on as well as a new “Total TV Deal” to consider.

For the price hike, Sling TV will now charge $10/mo for the Sports Extra add-on for Orange plan subscribers. It used to be $5/mo. Current customers on Orange with Sports Extra will see the price increase starting..."
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"Amazon Fire TV brings Live tab for easier access to live TV"

FireTV adds Live TV Tab!

"You’ve probably subscribed to several live TV services but almost always forget that there’s something that you need to watch live, like a sports event or an awards show or something that you...
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