PornHub BeeSexual Channel Wants To Save the Bees!

PornHub BeeSexual Channel Wants To Save the Bees!

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BEESEXUAL is an entirely new twist on Porn that is dedicated to saving our bees!

"We turned short videos of foraging bees into what they really are: funny, kinky, nature porn featuring the voices of your favorite stars: Abella Danger, Julia Ann, Brett Rossi, Charlotte Stokely, Kira Noir, Domino Presley, Dante Colle, Avery Black, Olivia Austin, Will Pounder, Stirling Cooper and Joanna Angel. For every view, Pornhub will donate to bee-saving charities. It’s time to get busy!"

Like it or hate it, PornHub gets a lot of attention for the big porn site they built on the Internet.

Their latest genre actually has a lot of people talking. Because they dedicated an entire section on their site to saving the bees. Yes, you heard that right PornHub is doing more to save the bees than many governments currently are.

In case you have missed the news our bee population is in big trouble. Because of pesticides, disease and other environmental factors our global bee population is declining in record numbers.

And it you are like so what who cares, let's put it this way. Most of the things we enjoy today including, fruit, nuts, beer and wine would not exist without bees.

It's their prolific and hardworking (busy as a bee) work ethic that contributes to pollinating all the fruits, flowers and vegetables that we all enjoy every day.

Watch PornHub BeeSexual Videos and They Give Money To Charities to Save the Bees

Now you have to wonder how they came up with the idea to take this on as a cause, but you have to commend them for trying to make a difference. They created a BeeSexual section on their website which features honey bees doing what they do best. Gathering pollen and making honey. And pornstars they recruited to the cause doing the voiceovers.

And every time a video is watched, they will donate some money to the charities that are working very hard to save the bees.

That's quite a commendable act and it seems to be paying off based on the number of views their bee videos have already been receiving.

Charitable Contribution or Another Brilliant PornHub Marketing Ploy?

While as great as it sounds, PornHub has been a master at marketing porn. But recently their growth has tapered off. Especially now that there are so many other great adult sites that let users subscribe for a low monthly fee and offer a a ton of high quality 4K and HD content without ads.

Their latest attempt to mix porn and bees to attract more people to their other porn content. Again is showing how brilliant at marketing their team is.

BeeSexual Is Not PornHub's First Attempt To Raise Money For Charity

Back in 2015 PornHub also made the news when they launched a campaign to give money away for testicular cancer and Arbor Day awareness. Aligning themselves with charities to further promote their brand is something they like to do.

But not all charities want their money. When they tried to give away a check for $75,000 to Brest cancer awareness they were turned down. Ouch!

But if it helps the bees, we are all for it. So hats off to PornHub for trying to make a difference. You can watch all their BeeSexual Videos on their site here.

Watch a BeeSexual Video Below

If you would rather not visit PornHub, Their videos are also on YouTube and we embedded one of their more popular ones below for you to watch. Don't worry, there is no PornHub porn in this video, just bees doing what bees do best. Doing their part to help put food on our tables, one blossom at a time.

Warning: Some bee videos on the BeeSexual PornHub website may contain graphic content of naked bees making babies.

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