2018 4K Roku Ultra Vs Roku Premiere

Here's What's New From Roku for 2018

The first thing you'll notice about the new 2018 Roku models is the name of the Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere has not changed.

This is the 3rd year in a row now that their flagship media streamer is still named the Roku Ultra. Using the same name year after year builds familiarity and follows other large companies that consistently use the same model names year after year for their product lines.

In September 2018 Roku announced another product refresh for several of their tabletop streamers. An updated top of the line Roku Ultra and a new Roku Premiere and Premiere + models have been introduced.

The New Roku Premieres Gets a Makeover

The Roku Premier and Roku Premiere + are back once again now offering lower cost 4K streaming in a Roku Express Footprint. These used to be built in the same case as a Roku Ultra and new come in the smaller more compact enclosure as a Roku Express. Now at a much more affordable price.

The Roku Premiere now costs only $10 more than the entry model Roku Express, it is a great 4K media streamer if you don't need some of the other features offered by the Roku Ultra which costs twice as much. For the extra money, the Ultra includes an Ethernet port, USB port, and Enhanced Voice Remote.

The Roku Premiere + includes an Enhanced Voice Remote that will only be exclusively sold at Walmart.

If you need a Roku 4K model that comes with a voice remote which includes power and volume buttons for your TV, you will need to buy either the Roku Premiere + at Walmart for $49.99. Other models include a Roku Streaming Stick + which costs $89.99 or Roku's flagship model the Roku Ultra for $99.99 MSRP. These are frequently discounted and sell for less than retail on Amazon.

The Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick +  remain unchanged.

The Roku Express with HDMI and Express +  with Composite HD remain unchanged.

The New 2018 Roku Ultra

The 2018 Roku Ultra only received a few minor updates and for the most part remains unchanged from prior years.

One new feature included are two new different tones for the Remote locator. This is a nice feature enabled by pressing a small button on top the Roku Ultra which will make your remote emit a sound which is helpful to retrieve it from where it was placed.

Two of the remote tones included with this year's Ultra are SportsCenter’s Da-Da-Da from ESPN and HBO’s Game of Thrones theme song.

The biggest change with the new Roku Ultra model is it now comes with much nicer premium JBL headphones. These are valued at $39.95 if bought alone.

The Roku Ultra is now available for pre-order.

Click Here to Get a Roku Ultra

Which 4K Roku Model Should You Buy?

If you have a 4K TV you now have several options from Roku.

1. Streaming Stick Plus 4K
2. Roku Premiere or Premiere + 4K
3. Roku Ultra 4K

For the best streaming with minimal buffering, we recommend an Ethernet cable. The Roku Ultra is still the only model which contains an Ethernet port. It's also the only model which come with a USB port so you can use the Roku Media Player channel to play your m3u playlists. This is one of the few channels available on Roku that will still let you do this.

The Streaming Stick Plus and both Roku Premieres are only remaining 4K options if using an Ethernet cable is not possible.  Both are great media streamers and the new Roku Premieres are now Roku's most affordable 4K streamers from Roku yet.

If you're looking for a lower cost Roku model, the 4K Roku Premiere is your ticket to a nice Roku 4K media streamer that gives you access all the Great Roku channels available on Roku.

None of the Roku remotes are universal or feature a backlight. You are stuck shortcut buttons to channel that you may not watch. If you want a customizable remote that lets you control your TV and other devices, a fully programmable, backlit remote control is another alternative.

New OS 9.0 Roku Software Update

Roku is also about to release another big software update with some awesome new features.

This new Roku software update that will be available to most Roku models soon and will include:
  • Google Assistant
  • Automatic Volume Leveling
  • Spotify
  • Plus more. Here's a more detailed list of all that will be available in the next Roku 9.0 OS Update.

While 2018 may not be a banner year for new Roku hardware, the exciting news is a new OS9 update will soon be available for most Roku owners and a new lower cost 4K Roku model ever.

If you own or plan on buying a Roku, be sure to check out this list of great Roku channels.

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