ANTOP UFO 60 Mile Antenna

ANTOP UFO 60 Mile Outdoor/Attic, RV Antenna

Cord Cutters Are Cutting the Cord In Record Numbers Using an Antenna To Watch Free TV Is One Way They Are Keeping Their Costs Down

Antop a manufacturer of high performance TV antennas offers the UFO Roof/Attic RV model. For it's size, this 60 mile Omni-directional antenna offers performance and range that is incredible.

The Antop UFO looks like a something out of this world when compared to many other Outdoor/Attic or RV antennas. It is a compact and aerodynamically designed to keep from blowing off your roof.

Plus it looks atheistically pleasing so it will be sure to blend in and not be an eyesore on your home, boat or camper.

The best part is, some of the technology they pack inside this compact antenna makes it perform as good or better than antennas many times larger than it's small size.

Antop UFO Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Attic or RV Antenna with Noise-free 4G LTE Filter and VHF Range Enhanced for 60 Mile Reception lets you watch Crystal Clear HD TV for Life

An antenna is the cord cutters number one weapon of choice for eliminating those high monthly TV subscription bills from your cable TV provider. When properly installed, an antenna can offer you many crystal clear HD channels for free.

These are premium local TV channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS and the CW. Plus you will typically get quite a few other local broadcast channels as well and the only thing it will cost is a little bit of money for the antenna and wiring plus a little of your time for the installation.

When it comes to choosing an antenna there are many brands and models to choose from. Antop is a pioneer in antenna design, pushing the envelope and coming up with modern designs that are compact and often outperform antennas many times larger in size.

The Antop UFO with it's 4G LTE Filter blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals. It's an Omni-directional antenna so it provides great reception in weak/moderate signal strength areas. Included is their Smart Pass amplifier for long and medium range reception.

Their UFO antenna hardly looks like an antenna at all. More like something you would find attached to the Space Station.

This is a good thing because for years standard roof antennas were just plain ugly. Not only that, they attracted lightning and did not fair all that well in high wind conditions. Often requiring costly replacements which required another trip up the ladder. For most of us, it's not our most favorite place to be.

Choose The Right Antenna for Your Location

It's important when choosing an antenna to find one that offers the range and performance for your particular location. Choose the wrong one and it can mean the difference between only receiving no channels versus 30 or 40.

While indoor antennas do work for some locations, many times you will find a larger external antenna placed higher in your attic or on a roof will give you much better performance and provide many more channels with a stronger and better signal.

Choosing an antenna for your location is actually quite easy with the help of some excellent online tools. Check out this video for some helpful tips from Antop.

Special Price on the Antop UFO Antenna

Currently, Antop is offering a special promotion on their UFO antenna.

Antop RV Boat and Roof antenna

Advertised Price $104.99 
MSRP: $145.99

For an even better price buy the

ANTOP PRO-LINE UFO PL-414BG Outdoor/Attic/RV HDTV Antenna - $99.99
directly from: Antop Antenna Inc

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