tvOS 11.3 for 4th and 5th Gen Apple TV Models Released

tvOS 11.3 for 4th and 5th Generation Apple TV Models Released

Today Apple Released another major update tvOS 11.3 which is adding some great new features

Apple's new tvOS update which can be downloaded by going to System/Software Update on your Apple TV will bring you some nice enhancements to make owning an Apple TV even better. If you have automatic software updates turned on, this update will happen automatically.

This updates comes on the heels of two other updates this year, tvOS 11.3 and a minor update 11.2.6 which was released only a month ago. It's nice to see Apple continuing to improve and enhance their software. Regular updates is what you get when you buy a media streamer from a large company like Apple, Nvidia or Roku. Updates for Android software for cheap Android TV boxes are virtually non exsistant.

Here are the new features and enhancements the new tvOS software will bring 4th and 5th generation Apple TV owners.

- Match Content Support Auto Frame Switching for 4th generation Apple TVs. 5th generation models already received this update.

What is Auto Frame Switching?

This matches the Apple TV player's output frame rate to the original frame rate of (video) content. This is important because different content is mastered at different frame rates, for example if you have a film mastered at 24fps or other video content encoded at 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24fps.

Your Apple TV will output frame rates and also match (and switch) the display's refresh rate so it is correct for your region. Take 29.97fps NTSC for example. When you have 25fps and 30fps content it uses frame rate doubling to display at 50Hz and 60Hz when available, matching its original appearance all the while showing a more a fluid user interface. This is important and really noticeable when watching sports or fast acting movie scenes like car chases.

- Brazil and Mexico users will now be able to watch shows that are aggregated from entertainment apps. Siri support on the Apple TV will also be enabled for users in these countries as well on both the 4th Generation and 5th generation Apple TV 4K.

- vOS 11.3, also adds rating-based content filtering.

What is Apple Rating-Based Content Filtering?

This works much the same as parental controls and it lets you block or restrict certain content or features on your Apple TV.

Here is how to enable or adjust Rating-Based Content Filtering

Check Your Apple TV Software Version
To check which version software your Apple TV has, on your home screen select the settings icon. Under settings you will see a bunch of sub-titles. Click on General, under General click About. In the About menu the tvOS shows you which version software you have on your Apple TV.

Make sure your Apple TV has downloaded the latest 11.3 tvOS. Go to System/Software Updates on your Apple TV download the latest software version if one is available.

Enable Restrictions on Your 4th or 5th Generation Apple TV

Now go to the main home screen menu and select settings once again. This time click on General then on Restrictions. It will ask you to enter a 4 digit pass code. Enter it and be sure to save it somewhere so you don't forget it.

You now have a list of options and features you can restrict on your Apple TV.

Allow: Anyone can use an app or feature without a four-digit passcode.
Restrict: This setting will first require a four-digit passcode before purchases, rentals, or when certain apps can be used.
Block or No: This will let you completely block certain content or even features from being watched or used on your Apple TV.
Show or Yes: This allows an app to be viewed or a feature to be used.
Hide: When selected this will hide an app or feature.

Examples of What You Can Block or Restrict on Your Apple TV:

Restrict specific features or content

Purchases, rentals, or in-app purchases from the iTunes Store: Select Allow, Restrict, or Block.

Music and Podcasts: To filter out Explicit content, select Clean. To filter nothing, select Explicit.

Movies, TV Shows, and Apps: Select your locale and filter, or block content based on film or age ratings.

Siri Explicit Language: To filter mature language, select Hide. To filter nothing, select Show.

Multiplayer Games and Screen Recording: Select Yes or No.

AirPlay Settings, Conference Room Display, Location Services, Background App Refresh, TV Provider, and Remote App Pairing: Select Allow or Restrict.

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