How To Watch Local Channels on Apple TV

How to Watch Local Channels On Apple TV

Apple TV currently is one of the most popular media streamers. Using your Apple TV, you can watch TV shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.

While the Apple TV is a very popular on-demand streaming device, it can also be used as a way to cut the cord and watch live local channels from some skinny cable TV bundles which offer a much better deal than you will ever receive from traditional cable TV or satellite providers.

watch local channels on Apple TV

This Live Streaming TV Guide will show you how you can find some of the best ways to watch local weather, sports and news with local channels on an Apple TV. These same channels will also work on other media streamers like Roku, Fire TV, Nvidia SHIELD or on your favorite portable devices.

Best Live TV Services To Watch Local Channels on Apple TV

If you just cut the cord, you have arrived on the scene at a great time. Never before in our history have there been so many on demand and live streaming TV services available to watch at a fraction of the cost of what our parents and grandparents had to pay to watch Cable TV.

Now that we finally have some serious competition in the Over the Top (OTT) Streaming TV industry, and the big corporations no longer completely dominate and control these markets, this is wonderful news for those that are tired of paying over a hundred dollars every month to watch cable TV.

Skinny Bundles are streaming TV channel packages that are delivered over the Internet, and they can be watched anywhere on multiple devices. So when you subscribe to a bundle of channels which can cost anywhere from $10 to $40 a month, they can then be watched on multiple devices at the same time like on your Apple TV, iPhone, or even on your iPad or iMac computer.

These bundles besides offering popular channels like MSNBC, CNN and Fox News also offer many live streams of local networks so they can also be used to watch your favorite local channels if they are available to stream in your area. In the list below you will find some of the best ways to watch local channels on an Apple TV.


Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - fuboTV (Stream On Two Devices At Once)

Watch fuboTV on Apple TV

fuboTV is probably one of the best live streaming TV services for watching live streaming sports. No other streaming service offers more sports than fuboTV. Recently they began offering many more conventional live cable TV channels. They now offer over 75+ live channels that gives their platform a much wider range of content than many others. This represents a great value considering they are only $45/month and this also includes a cloud-based DVR. In many markets, fuboTV is now also offering local channels like CBS, NBC and FOX. We have some more info about fuboTV here.

Try fuboTV for 7/Days Free

DirecTV Now

Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - DirecTV Now (Stream On Three Devices At Once)

DirecTV Now Local Channels on Apple TV

DirecTV Now offers one of the best skinny bundles for cord cutter that want to watch live local channels on Apple TV. They offer the most channels in their package for $35/month. You can even try their service free with a one week free trial. They also have one of the largest selection of local channels. DirecTV runs some great promotions to try their service. Right now they are offering a FREE Apple TV if you sign up for 3 months at their regular price of $35 a month if you pay for all three months in advance. Click Here for more details.

Watch DirecTV Now Free

Hulu Live TV

Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - Hulu Live TV (Stream On Two Devices At a Time)

HULU LIVE Local Channels on Apple TV

Hulu is now offering a skinny bundle in addition to their on-demand package for cord cutters. You can now watch live local channels on a Apple TV with Hulu. Depending on where you live, Hulu also offer local channel feeds for from major networks in their live TV package. This cost $40/month and also includes 50+ channels. This package also comes with their entire on demand library with limited commercials so you get the best of both worlds. You can also try their service free with a one week Free trial.

Watch Hulu Live TV Now Free

Sling TV

Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - SlingTV (Orange/Stream on One Device - Blue/Stream on Three Devices At Once)

Watch Sling TV local channels on Apple TV

Sling TV currently offers one of the lowest cost live TV skinny bundles. They also allow cord cutters the choice to customize their plan to try an bring you an A La Carte TV TV experience. While their entry package Sling Blue starts at only $25/month you then can add many more additional channel packages for $5/month. This can get expensive when you add everything together. Sling also offers some live local channels in select regions. You can check them out with a free 7/day Free trial.

Watch Sling TV Now Free

PlayStation Vue

Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - PlayStation Vue (Stream On Three Devices At Once)

PS VUE Local Channels on Apple TV

This streaming service is from Sony and while it works great on PlayStation gaming consoles, it is also available on many media streamers like Apple TV, Roku or a Fire TV. PS Vue offers a nice package of channels although they lost the Viacom channels recently which include Comedy Central, Spike, CMT, VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon and related kids channels, and more. This has infuriated some subscribers when they did not reduce the cost. They do offer some live-broadcast feeds of local channels which include ABC, CBS, FOX, and/or NBC only in some areas depending on your zip code. You can get a 14/day free trial with a voucher from Best Buy.

Watch PlayStation Vue Free

CBS All Access

Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - CBS All Access (Stream On Two Devices At Once)

watch CBS ALL ACCESS on Apple TV

CBS All Access is a stand alone streaming TV service from CBS that offers both a large library of on demand TV shows, documentaries, news shows and moves as well as live streaming content from the CBS network. Local network feeds are available in select markets. They are also offering some original shows like The Good Fight, Big Brother, Star Trek and coming soon a new Twilight Zone TV series. You can try this service Free for 7/days. It only cost $5.99 with commercials or you can even watch it without commercials for $9.99 instead.

Watch CBS All Access Free


Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - NewsON (Stream Unlimited App Needed on Each Device)

watch NewsON Apple TV Channel

NewsOn lets you watch live, local TV news for Free. This channel can stream newscasts from over 150+ local news stations from New York to Los Angeles, from Seattle to Miami, plus many more. You can either watch live news or past broadcasts (up to 48 hours for most stations), and local news clips from your favorite stations.

Watch NewsON Free


Watch Live Local Channels on Apple TV - OTA ANTENNA

Watch FREE Local Channels on an Apple TV With OTA Antenna

An over the air antenna (OTA) is a great way to watch local channels on your Apple TV. Besides the cost of the antenna and installation, there is no fee from watching local networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and Fox from an Antenna. To watch these channels on your Apple TV or any other media players like Roku or Fire TV, it will require a few extra steps. It will be so worth it though because then you will not only have FREE local TV channels, you can also have a Free DVR which does not cost any monthly fees.

One of the best options is to buy a Network Tuner and use the Plex App if you have a PC, or NAS to run the Plex server software on. Then get a Plex Pass Account and you can watch your recorded shows or live TV right on your Apple TV or other media streamers. Another option, is to get yourself a TiVo Roamio. This is one of the easiest ways to record Live TV from an antenna.

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