Singlecue Gesture Based Remote Control

Singlecue Gesture Based Remote Control

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If you thought the Minority Report movie was cool, wait until you try singlecue

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We had a chance to check out the 2nd generation singlecue gesture based remote control. If you are a fan of home automation, machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI), get ready because these are all the next steps in the technical evolution of our smart devices.

The singlecue Gen 2 lets you control your favorite devices using gesture recognition technology and a few simple hand gestures. Plus, you won't ever need to search for your remote control again.

EyeSight Technologies is at the forefront of this exciting new and emerging technology that will soon make pushing buttons on a remote control seem old fashioned and something your Grandparents used to do. Using simple finger tracking and finger pinch gestures, you will be able to control almost all your devices easily. They just announced support for Alexa AI voice control as well. (U.S. English Only)

How Singlecue Works

This device is really simple to use, just hook it up to power and be sure to complete their tutorial using their smart phone app for iOS or Android and you will be able to use gestures to control from over 100,000 devices. Then use singlecue to turn your connected devices on or off, change channels, pause, rewind and fast forward through videos, dim the lights or turn up the heat on your WiFi connected thermostat all with simple gestures using only your hand.

Since it does not hook to your TV, you can place the singlecue pretty much anywhere in your room where it can easily see your hand gestures. The device itself is not very large and it will work with almost all IR-remote controlled devices and limited Wi-Fi controlled devices.

The controller looks well made and has a screen on the front you can scroll through to find the device you want to control. When your device is in the window, then you have full control to use finger gestures for often used controls.

Singlecue Limitations

The device needs to have visible light to see hand gestures. If you like watching TV in the dark, this device will have a hard time seeing your gestures and won't work.

Soon after the first generation came out they updated it to work better in lower lighting and the Gen2 model which now costs even less seems to work even better. Although, it would be really nice if the next version implemented IR lighting for night vision in completely dark environments. For now, a dim light is all that's needed for the singlecue to see your hand gestures in low light conditions.

Even though singlecue works with a ton of devices already, certain devices like the XBOX One are not yet supported. More devices are constantly being added to their library all the time, it updates regularly over WiFi to add support for all your latest devices.

To see if your device is already supported, click here check their device list.

If your device is too sensitive, you can turn down the sensitivity settings in their app. It also has a lock out feature so it will ignore hand gestures if you tend to like to talk with your hands while arguing with your television set.

If you have more questions on how to set up your singlecue or advanced functions, be sure to visit their support page.

Mastering Gestures

Gesture control will take some getting used to. Using proper gestures will make the difference and will help you get maximum enjoyment out of this device.

Since you have to learn the gestures anyway, be sure you perform them the right way so it won't confuse your singlecue, and give unwanted results. These videos show you the best way to perform common simple gestures like clicking and swiping.


As gesture technology advances, handheld push button remotes could one day go the way of records and cassette tapes.

Singlcue has opened up an entirely new way for us to interact with our electronic devices. Technology keeps moving forward and once you get used to using gesture based control, it will be hard going back to pushing buttons on a remote control.

One last tip, don't let anyone take a video of you making gestures in the air with your hands until the rest of the world learns about singlecue. If your friends see it, they may think you are a little strange...

EyeSight Technologies is so sure you will like their singlecue, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee to try it for yourself.

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