Apple TV 4 Jailbreak for TvOS 10 Kodi

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak for TvOS 10-10.1

Want to Install Kodi on your Apple TV? - TURN AUTO UPDATE OFF NOW!

Good news for those wanting to run Kodi on their Apple TV 4 media streamers. Jonathan Levin just released a jailbreak named LiberTV. The bad news is it only works on tvOS 10.0-10.1 so if you updated your Apple TV 4 to 10.1.1 or 10.1.2 you're out of luck for now, because Apple already patched the hole.

If your Apple TV 4 is at the magic firmware version, be sure to turn off auto update and proceed with the instructions to jailbreak your new Kodi box below.

About This Jailbreak

This jailbreak is "semi-tethered," so what does this mean? Whenever you lose power to your AppleTV or need to restart it, you will need run the jailbreak app again. Since an Apple TV is usually plugged into power and left in standby, this should not affect it all that often. You can run the jailbreak right from your TV so there is need to plug it back into your computer again.


No NitoTV Support - Don't install it yet as it could cause problems. A working version is being worked on and coming soon.

LiberTV Can Turn Auto Updates Off - Once installed be sure not to let your Apple TV auto update, or you will lose the ability to jailbreak.

Dropbear SSH Client - After jailbreaking your Apple TV, you can then use SSH to access or side load files.

Don't Give Up - This jailbreak may not work the fist time and could require several attempts to get in. This is the nature of the Apple TV 4 and it is a bit tougher than prior jailbreaks you may be used to.

No support yet for Cydia although once more people start using this jailbreak, it may soon be forthcoming.

Semi-Tethered Jailbreak Guide iOS 10.0-10.1 for AppleTV 4
·     Step 1Use a USB-C cable to attach your Apple TV 4 to your computer.
·     Step 2Download the Cydia Impactor App for your OS on your computer. App supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and open this app.
·     Step 3Download liberTV
·     Step 4 – In the Cydia Impactor App make sure it shows your Apple TV 4 in the window. Then drag liberTV.ipa file onto the open window. It should then show the liberTV.ipa file in the lower box.
·     Step 5 – Press the Start button and the app will ask for your Apple ID and Password. (If you turned on 2 step verification then you must log into your Apple ID Page and request an app password).
·     Step 6 – Once Cydia Impactor has installed liberTV on your Apple TV, unhook it from your computer and then attach it back to your TV and start it up.
·     Step 7 – After your Apple TV has finished booting you will be greeted by the liberTV launch icon on your screen.
·     Step 8 – Start liberTV and then choose the following options before your jailbreak. [X] Perform kernel patches, [X] Remount root filesystem, [X] Disable auto-updates after success. Then click the Do It button.
·     Step 9 – The app will then try to jailbreak your Apple TV. If it is successful it will give you a message that it is "Successfully Jailbroken". If it fails to jailbreak your Apple TV  it will reboot. You then need to launch the app again and keep trying until it works.

This could require several attempts so don't give up.
(if you lost power or reset you will need to jailbreak again)

·     Step 10 – Once your Apple TV is jailbroken. SSH in with Dropbear and Side-load Kodi 17.

apple tv 4 jailbreak

install Kodi Apple TV 4

Thanks go to for posting how to jailbreak your Apple TV 4.  

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